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Author and Professor set to officially open Eco Committee's Pollinators' Garden

Friday 22 April 2022

The Eco Committee is excited to welcome author and Professor of Biology, Dave Goulson, to Shrewsbury to officially open the Pollinators' garden.

The Pollinators' Garden is a passion project of the Eco Committee, utilising the help and advice of the Beekeeping Society to develop a garden that would encourage the health of the bees and other insects at Shrewsbury School.

A combination of careful planning and pupil-led efforts has created this peaceful greenspace with pollinator-specific flowers and vegetation to promote the population of our bees as well as providing an outdoor space. We all understand the importance of bees, especially our beekeepers, in maintaining the life cycle of so many plants and flowers around school meaning the garden is not only a valued landscape itself but it also facilitates the maintenance of the rest of the school’s various gardens.

The Pollinators' Garden has been in the making for 2 years now which is why we are so excited to finally be able to officially open it.

The Eco Committee has invited Professor Dave Goulson, author of Silent Earth, to open the garden on the of May 5th as he’s an expert on how insects keep our life cycles running and we should therefore be adapting to a way of life that protects insect habitats. Following the opening of the garden Prof. Dave Goulson will be signing his latest book Silent Earth in the Library.  

In the evening a small group of students have tickets to listen to Professor Goulson speak in the Theatre Severn. This will be a great opportunity for pupils who are keen to learn more about biodiversity and our reliance on insects to be able to hear from one of the country’s leading experts.

The invite is extended to parents and if you would like to attend, please email Jackie Matthews to find out more.

Siena G (M, LVI) & Sapna C (G, LVI) 

Eco Committee members

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