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National GA Worldwise Challenge Weekend

Monday 28 September 2009

Through winning the regional round of the Worldwise Quiz, six fifth form Geographers were invited to the final of the Worldwise Challenge recently at the Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre at Mickleham near Dorking in Surrey. Oliver Hughes (Rb), Chris Williams (I), Charles Newbould (Ch), Harry Croft (G), Rob Morgan (R) and George Mallett (S) were divided into two teams of three.
They were tasked with having to do an "Apprentice" style challenge of marketing the Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre and the local area of Box Hill. Three other schools also had two teams in the competition - Bishop Wordsworth Grammar School (Salisbury), Reading School and St. Cuthbert Mayne RC School from Torquay. The teams had to navigate using a GPS system to various stations in the area where they were given tasks to perform by members of the GA staff. Most of the fieldwork was fairly innovative and unlike the the investigations they would have carried out for GCSE.
They then had to put together a 5 minute presentation that was presented to the judges on Sunday lunchtime. In the event, our teams were highly commended but failed to win. The competition was won by a team from Bishop Wordsworths. The GA President for 2009/10, Dr. John Halocha presented the prizes and told the participants that the standard was very high and it was difficult for the judges to choose an overall winner.
The boys had a good time, made new friends, enjoyed the almost sub-tropical weather and were excellent ambassadors for the school.
The accompanying staff, on the other hand, got sunburnt, had a good day walking around Box Hill, ate ice creams and were given an outstanding CPD session on Geographic Information Systems by David Holmes, the principal examiner of the Edexcel Geography AS level.
Rob Morris

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