Shrewsbury School

Maths: Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates in the UK Senior Mathematical Challenge

Monday 30 November 2009

119 pupils across the school were entered for the UK Senior Mathematical Challenge this year, obtaining a total of 26 gold, 25 silver and 28 bronze certificates. For the first time, the highest score from the school came from a boy in the Fourth Form – Martin Chow (M). He subsequently participated in the British Mathematical Olympiad in December along with Jack Zhang (SH, LVI), Tom Elcock (Rb, LVI), Stephen Lilico (SH, LVI), Frank Chang (SH, LVI), Nicholas Tong (UVI, Ch), Alex Chamolly (Rt, LVI), Galane Luo (S, UVI), Ieuan Fenton (Rb, UVI) and Boris Tang (SH, LVI).
David, Galane, Tom and Jack were also chosen to represent the school in the regional heat of the UK Senior Maths Team Challenge. They finished in second place by only one point to Manchester High School for Girls, but scored well enough to qualify for the national final in London which will take place in February 2010.

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