Shrewsbury School

Repercussions of volcanic ash

Thursday 22 April 2010

A significant minority of Salopians was unable to return to the UK in time for the start of term, due to air travel suspensions. As all pupils in the Fifth and Sixth Forms were due to sit internal exams this week and public exams are looming, it has been quite an anxious time for the stranded pupils and their parents.

The Director of Studies contacted all affected parents to outline the School’s arrangements for their offspring to be able to continue their studies, and to sit trial exam papers during their absence. Faculty Heads then co-ordinated arrangements for teachers to correspond personally with their stranded pupils, many of whom are expecting to return either today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, life at School continued as normal for the rest of us, with only a handful of teaching staff unable to get back to the UK until yesterday. It was extremely fortunate that all of our school trips had returned to the UK before the flight ban was imposed.

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