Shrewsbury School


Monday 30 November 2009


The RSSBC Top squad had a very busy final weekend. The two top fours competed at Wycliffe Small Boats Head and placed 1st and 2nd over the course of 2500m. To replace the postponed race at Wallingford all three Top Squad VIII's then travelled to King's School Chester on Sunday. Helped by a more efficient technique and brilliant coxing, the conclusion of all three pieces saw the Shrewsbury 1st VIII and 2nd VIII catch or overtake their competition while Shrewsbury's 3rd VIII, set off at the front of the chase, held off the King's 2nd VIII till the dying moments of each race. A tiring but satisfactory weekend, a great finish to the term and some very promising signs for performances next term.
The two J14 quads that were denied a race at Northwich a few weeks ago travelled to the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal. They were due to race two quads from Kings School Worcester, but unfortunately there was a mix-up, so the Shrewsbury quads were left to race each other. Both acquitted themselves very well in what was their first race, deservedly coming away with gold and silver medals. The times they set bode well for further success next term. Four different crews from this year's third form have now experienced external competition, and next term we hope to expand the 'racing squad' further.

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