Shrewsbury School


Monday 30 November 2009

RSSH vs Old Salopian Hunt

Continuing the annual traditional race between the RSSH and the Old Salopian Hunt, Saturday saw the two do battle once again in the mud. A slightly sparser than normal turnout from the Old Salopians (underestimating the opposition perhaps?!) was in contrast to the Hunt, who despite various football fixtures and injuries were able to field 17 runners. Two members of staff also gallantly took part (JMS and RTH).

Last year saw the Hunt narrowly defeat the Old Salopians, however this year saw a dominant performance from the schoolboy runners, winning the team trophy with a score of 28 to 98, the largest margin for many years. The times were impressive too, with Alex Mackay coming home to take the trophy in 21.10 for the 3.5 mile course (Tony Powers was the overall winner in 21.02, but ran as a guest). The five other counters were Kris Blake (21.29); Cal Winwood (21.40); Simon Jones (21.52); Kit Schutzer-Weissman (21.53) and Guy Vernon (22.02).

Notable performers for the Old Salopians were James Franklin (7th in 21.55); Adam Booth (12th in 22.55) and Piers Jones (13th in 23.16). An encouraging result for the Hunt as we go into the competitive season next term.

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