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A final word from our 2010-2011 Head of School, Alex Collins (S)

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Our Head of School regularly writes in The Salopian towards the end of their tenure.  This article was originally printed in the Summer 2011 edition.

Alex Collins, Head of SchoolAs I write this, less than five days away from my last timetabled lesson, my time as a Salopian is fast nearing its end. My brother Rob and I are the last of four siblings to have passed through the School so the end of term will also mark the end of a nine year family connection. Afternoons spent watching regattas, and my first nerve-wracking experiences of Shrewsbury in auditions and entrance exams now seem a very long time ago. So now, five years on, what feelings will I take away with me about my time at Shrewsbury?

Above all, I will look back on five years of fantastic opportunity, whether that be in the form of football and rugby tours to Spain and Italy, two-week runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or trips to Prague and Bordeaux. Perhaps just as important as these experiences themselves is what they have done for me as a person. Certainly, as a somewhat shy third form clarinettist, I would not have seen myself getting up on stage four years later with school friends to play at the Big Chill Festival.

For me, it is this emphasis on a more rounded education, rather than one focused entirely on the classroom, that has made my time here so enjoyable. With the recent arrival of girls in the sixth form and a new headmaster, much has been made of the changes that have taken place. But for all these changes, that indefinable ‘Salopian spirit’, which was clear to see during my brothers’ time here, still remains and will remain with me after I have left. For all my very positive experiences here, I certainly feel ready to move on, and this is something for which I feel my time at Shrewsbury has prepared me very well.
Alex Collins (S)

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