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Old Salopian Club - Facebook Group now available

Thursday 25 August 2011

A new Old Salopian Club Facebook group has been set up and is being jointly run by the Old Salopian Club office staff and Old Salopian members.

This is open to any Old Salopian and is designed to facilitate communication between members and provide an instant source of news/information.   If you don't have already have a Facebook account it is easy to set up by following the instructions.  You can then search for and request to join the Old Salopian group. 

Another communication route open to Old Salopians is the Shrewsbury School LinkedIn Group which has recently taken off and is particularly useful for making business contacts or sharing business-orientated news.  It has already attracted several Old Salopian and School staff members.

Sharing contact details:  There has also been an excellent response to our request to Old Salopians to 'opt-in' to sharing their contact details with other Old Salopians on request to the Old Salopian Club office.  We get many requests for contact details and once we have finished processing the list of current 'opt-ins' (available on request after 31st August), this should make this process easier.

DATA PROTECTION:   We often get requests such as 'please could you send me a list of all the Old Salopian solicitors living in xxxx'.  Unfortunately Data Protection rules mean we cannot do this.  After 31st August, we will, however, be able to put people in touch with anyone who has opted in and happens to be an Old Salopian solicitor living in xxxx!  (Alternatively you could post your request on Facebook or LinkedIn).

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