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GCSE Awards: Honorary Scholarships and Exhibitions, and Exam Awards

Tuesday 6 September 2011

After an outstanding year for GCSE results, Shrewsbury School is delighted to be in the position of awarding 39 honorary scholarships, exhibitions and exam prizes to pupils entering the Lower Sixth this term. 

Some of our 39 GCSE award winners in MSB; photo by Kate Bronner

Honorary Scholarships have been awarded to the following pupils who all gained straight A* grades at GCSE, who were not already scholars:

Tom Bland (Rt)
Harry Cox (Rb)
Mark Lawley (S)
Edward Lloyd (Rt)
Edward Mallett (S)
Libby Naylor (EDH)

Honorary Exhibitions have been awarded to the following pupils who gained 9 A* grades plus 1 A grade (or similar), who were not already scholars:

Martin Chow (SH)
Lucinda Emms (MSH)
James Steele (O)

GCSE Examination Prizes have been awarded to the following candidates with an outstanding number of A* grades.

Edward Elcock (Rb)
Seren Kell (MSH)
Max Kimpton-Smith (O)
Rosalind Parr (EDH)
Hannah Pritchard (EDH)
Judah Rand (R)
Sam Watts (SH)
Edward Wilson (M)

Harriet Adams (EDH)
Matthew Davies (M)
Ben Gould (G)
Alvin Loh(SH)
Alice Paul (MSH)
Joseph Sansom (PH)

John Annan (S)
James Brent (Rb)
Georgia Bustin (EDH)
Sebastien Constantine (S)
Robert Cross (S)
Olivia Levy (EDH)
Brendan Lung (SH)
Oliver Marshall (Rb)
Alexander Moore (G)
Alex Norman (R)
Hannah Partington (MSH)
Edward Pollock (I)
Alessandro Rebecchi (Ch)
Alun Vaughan-Jackson (Ch)
Alastair Webb (S)
Matilda Whittingham (MSH)
Harry Yeoward (O)

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