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Lapage rowing dynasty featured on Radio 5 Live & Radio Shropshire

Wednesday 31 August 2011

Patrick and Sam LapageRadio Five Live and Radio Shropshire recently carried interviews with three generations of the Lapage family: grandfather Michael Lapage, who won a Silver medal in the 1948 London Olympics, was interviewed with his son Phil Lapage (Chemistry teacher and River Master), and his two grandsons Patrick and Sam Lapage (R 2003-2008,and R UVI respectively).  Both Patrick and Sam have rowed for Great Britain, and both have hopes of following their grandfather to the Olympics in the future. 

Michael Lapage had never seen footage of his medal winning race in 1948Michael Lapage had never before seen footage of his epic Olympic final, but Radio Shropshire tracked it down and showed it to the family.  Michael described seeing it as "quite emotional" and talked about the differences between the 'Austerity Games' of 1948 and the razzamatazz surrounding the 2012 Olympics.

The BBC also have a piece on their website about the Lapage dynasty:

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