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Cricket: OS James Taylor plays for England

Thursday 1 September 2011

James Taylor

Old Salopian James Taylor (R 2003-2008) has been making the headlines over the summer holidays. 

At the beginning of August, he captained the England Lions team against Sri Lanka A in the three-match, one-day series at  Northampton. James scored two centuries in three games, giving the England Lions a tremendous 2-1 victory (please see the ECB's article Lions series win Taylor-made for more information).

James was then selected for the senior England team for the one-day-international against Ireland. James was one of three making their debuts for England in this match. Unfortunately, the game was much interrupted by heavy rain showers, and he was caught out on his second run.

James has been playng for Leicestershire since leaving Shrewsbury in 2008, but he still found time to take part in the Saracens' cricket tour last year.

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