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Headline - Classics: First and Second prizes in national Gladstone Essay Competition

Saturday 17 September 2011

Ellie Moodey (MSH UVI), has been awarded first prize in the national Omnibus Gladstone Competition - the UK's premier essay prize in Classics - for her essay 'Is Ovid in the Metamorphoses more interested in pornography or moral lessons?'

When writing to John Godwin, our Head of Classics, with the good news, the Editor of Omnibus, Dr. Karen Ní Mheallaigh, wrote "There was a record number of 60 entries this year, so the competition was very tough. Among a group of six truly excellent finalists, Ellie's essay stood out as the most vivid and imaginative, and was written with panache."

This excellent news continues Shrewsbury's extraordinary success in this national competition.  Last year, George Ellis was also awarded First Prize for his essay "Courting controversy: Shakespeare's use of Ovid in Venus and Adonis"; in the each of the previous three years, one of our pupils has won the runner up prize.

We were all delighted to hear about Ellie's prize, but were thrilled when John Godwin received a second email from  The Omnibus editor later in the day, telling him that another of our students, Angus Thompson G UVI) had been awarded the second prize.  Dr. Ní Mheallaigh's email this time round just has to be repeated:
"...another one of your students, Angus Thompson, has won the runner-up prize in the Omnibus Gladstone Essay competition for his essay 'How good a storyteller is Homer?' As I explained earlier, the competition was extremely tough, especially among the finalists; it was invidious, really, to choose between the two winning essays - Angus' essay was absolutely outstanding for the quality of his scholarly research in particular and for his truly impressive knowledge of the Iliad.

"I'd like to offer you my warmest congratulations on such brilliant and talented students - I would be delighted to see work of this calibre produced at undergraduate level. If they are intending to progress to University (as I suspect), I am sure they will enrich whatever classes they join. It is obvious that they have a very inspiring teacher! I hope you are very, very proud of them both, and I wish them both all the very best of luck for their bright and promising futures!"

Ellie and Angus will receive their prize money (£200  and £100 respectively) from the Gladstone Memorial Trust in due course, and Ellise's essay will also be published in the next edition of Omnibus, along with the names of all the finalists.

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