Shrewsbury School

Bronze Award

When:  From October annually
Who:  Third Formers aged 14
Award Leader:  Nick David [npd@]

All Third Formers are given the opportunity to attempt the Bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.  Please see Lt Col David's Letter to Parents of Third Formers, which outlines many of the details about the School's Bronze Award programme.

Bronze D of E has four elements:  pupils must choose a skill, a sport, a service option and undertake a two-day self-reliant journey as part of a team.

All Third Formers then take part in Outdoor Week after half term during the summer term, and D of E expeditions are completed at this point.

The Bronze Award, like Silver and Gold, provides an excellent reason to stay committed to the large range of sports and activities on offer at Shrewsbury as well as undertake new ventures, hobbies and challenges.

Completion of the Award does not normally occur until a pupil's second year.

Please follow the links on the left for further information on the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, kit lists, forthcoming expeditions etc.

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