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We very much hope that you will find time to visit some of the many exhibitions that will be open throughout Speech Day. Centred around the Moser Quad, they include displays of pupils’ work, school activities, trips and events, as well as some fascinating artefacts from our School Archive.

Please note that the Art Exhibition opens at 11.00am on Tuesday 24th June and will be open throughout Salopian Week.

Salopian Art Show (Art School)

Painting, ceramics, photography, print… A celebration of the creativity and vibrant work of our GCSE and A Level Art pupils.



Academic and Co-Curricular Exhibition (Quod)

A flavour of the ‘tutti fruiti’ mix of activities in the Maths Faculty, from ‘Emptying a swimming pool with a teacup’ to competing in the oldest school maths competition in the country, touching on ‘numbers invented or created’ and many other delicacies. Come and try your hand at some fiendish Maths challenges and puzzles …

The Universe, Creation and the Place of Human Beings… Rights, Equality and Social Justice… The Philosophy and Theology Faculty exhibition demonstrates how Shrewsbury School pupils engage with vast philosophical, theological and ethical issues.

From Goya to rugby, with everything in between, the vast range and scope of this year’s Upper Sixth Extended Project Qualification projects are on display.

The Outdoor Activities display includes kayaks, CCF kit and equipment, and a film of the first ever Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Snowshoe Expedition.




Design and Technology (Chatri Building)

GCSE and A2 product designs and work from our Pre-U 3D Design course are on display, together with a model of the new Ashton Theatre.



Moser Library Exhibition and Treasures from the Ancient Library (Library)

There are several fascinating exhibitions to explore in the Library:

  • The history of the Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt, the oldest running club in the world.
  • ‘Books with a Story’: rare books and medieval manuscripts, including old Bibles, classical works, manuscripts from 1150 to 1450 and our wonderful Darwin Collection
  • The Moser Gallery 18th and 19th century watercolour collection
  • Books by Salopian Authors
  • ‘Our Summer Reads’


Biology Exhibition (Darwin Building)

The Biology Museum is full of fascinating specimens and is open throughout the day. There are also displays of pupil work and the Natural History Society.



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