Shrewsbury School

Fourth & Fifth Form Computer Science GCSE

We are now able to offer the latest specification GCSE Computer Science – a revised version of the Computing GCSE offered last year.  This course builds on the Third Form curriculum, where computer programming and robotics were introduced, alongside ICT skills.

The aims of this course are to:

  • give a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works
  • provide excellent preparation for higher study and employment in Computer Science
  • develop critical thinking, analysis and practical problem-solving skills.

This course is not about using Microsoft Office; it is about understanding the principles of Computer Science.  This has the new grading scheme 9 to 1. It is a challenging and focused course.  

OCR GCSE Computer Science course structure:

Unit 1: Computer systems

This is about the different parts of computer systems, the software used and how data is processed.  It covers different types of computer networks and how the Internet works.  We look at threats to computer security and how to guard against those threats. We will discuss the ethical and legal issues that arise from the use of computers.

  • Written paper
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 80 marks (40%)

Unit 2: Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

This involves problem solving, by breaking them down into a series of steps and then using computer code to write programs. Pupils study the way programming languages work and the different types of data they must deal with including binary numbers. They will learn a variety of programming techniques.

  • Written paper
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 80 marks (40%)

Unit 3: Programming project

Programming task: practical application of the principles learnt in Unit 2. Design, develop and test a solution to a problem within the OCR-set scenario.

  • Coursework
  • 40 marks (20%)
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