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International students

Shrewsbury School welcomes students of many different nationalities. It is a reflection of Britain today – an international community made up of different cultures, languages, customs and aspirations.

Increasing international mobility in business and dramatic global migration patterns mean that we have a responsibility to educate young people to thrive in an era of intense globalisation. We are surrounded by diversity, which provides opportunities for enrichment. Indeed, the world is already on our doorstep here at Shrewsbury – we are fortunate that international and inter-cultural understanding does not always require an overseas expedition. We embrace our traditional British culture and the culture of students who join us.

Developing such an integrated international community allows Shrewsbury students to relate empathetically to others. We encourage our pupils to embrace individuality and internationalism, to value diversity, to learn from what is different with openness. In turn, they often discover that they actually have more in common than they first thought.

At Shrewsbury, each individual feels welcomed whilst being able to flourish and free to proudly share their own personality and heritage. The variety within our community offers mind-expanding opportunities to learn about things near and far. We encourage our students to engage in practical initiatives that develop skills and understanding on an international scale. As a consequence, Salopians like to respect our unique identities and shared core values. By learning about each other’s similarities and differences, we build a better community.

We are fortunate that internationalism at Shrewsbury facilitates the development of our pupils into confident global citizens who contribute meaningfully to society while at school and afterwards.

Mrs Grace Ansell, Head of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and International Inclusion

Guardians and host families

All international students are required to have a Guardian whilst studying at Shrewsbury. Guardianship provides another means of support for an international student whilst they are in the UK, and allows them to have another adult outside of the School who they can turn to for assistance or advice, and who will provide accommodation when the School is closed and it may be impractical to travel home.

As the person with shared delegated parental responsibility, the role of Guardian complements the requirement of Housemasters and Housemistresses to act in ‘loco parentis’. Effective partnership between staff concerned with pastoral care, parents and guardians will safeguard the welfare of international students. Some parents choose to appoint a family friend or relative, but where this is not practicable professional guardians can be appointed using reputable, and ideally accredited, guardianship agencies.

Where international students need to apply for a student visa in order to study in the UK, the required CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance to Study) number will not be issued until the School is satisfied that appropriate Guardian arrangements are in place.

Please see the Shrewsbury School Guardianship Policy and Agreement.

Additional information can be found via AEGIS (The Association for The Education and Guardianship of International Students) an organisation that inspects and accredits guardianship providers in the UK and works to promote the welfare of international students. Please see their website for further details:

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