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Overseas OS Contacts

Overseas OS Contacts

We have begun to compile a list of names and contact details of Old Salopians living overseas who have offered to help other Old Salopians visiting their countries. They are doing this purely on the basis of the friendship of one Old Salopian to another. We have not checked any particular skills or knowledge they have, only their offer to help if they can. Treat any advice they give you as that of a non-expert friend, and understand that neither the Old Salopian Club, nor these unpaid friends, will accept any liability arising from this advice. They are not necessarily sitting at home waiting for your message, so leave a couple of weeks clear for a response.

Whether you are on business or holiday, on a gap year or emigrating, we hope these contacts will be worthwhile and enjoyable to both parties. Please let the club know how you get on.

Please contact the OS Office if you would like to get in touch with one of these contacts.

Hugo Ree (SH 52-57)
Hugo lives near Brisbane in Queensland and is widely travelled.

Stephen Heath (SH 86-91)
Stephen has worked as an Environmental Manager in Baku for BP since 2004

Robert Barber (SH 95-97)
Robert currently lives in Maun, and is a Professional Licensed Safari Guide.

Graham Hampson (DB 71-75)
The Cayman Islands were devastated by hurricane Ivan, but Graham is returning there from Colorado after Christmas.

Sam Crispin (0 85-87)
Sam is resident in Shanghai.

Ishaan Parwanda (SH 00-05)
Ishan lives in New Delhi and travels within India.  He is in the Solar and EV space.  Parents doing recce, new Salopians and transiting OS - feel free to reach out.

Tom Leach (Ch 91-96)
Tom is currently in the property business in Poland so knows his way around.

Jim Haupt (SH 78-82)
Jim lives in Chicago. His office is in the building where Al Capone had his HQ. Clearly other OS's will have to show respect!

John Startin (M94-96)
John now lives in  New York, but he has also lived in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

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