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Packwood Haugh to join Shrewsbury School family of schools - Questions and Answers

Why has Shrewsbury School decided to merge with Packwood Haugh?
In recent years, Shrewsbury School has successfully introduced co-education and implemented an ambitious capital investment programme. These bold initiatives have been extremely successful and Shrewsbury pupil numbers are at an all-time high.

Many senior schools are now creating formal links with prep schools. Shrewsbury and Packwood share a similar ethos and have a strong commitment to boarding and day co-education, which made this move a natural progression of the relationship between our two schools. Shrewsbury is in a strong position to help advance Packwood’s ambitions for teaching and learning, extra-curricular provision and improvements to facilities.

The Governors, Headmaster and Senior Leadership Team have taken this decision together following a lengthy period of consultation, reflection and due diligence.

What are the benefits of the merger?
Shrewsbury already has a family of schools, with three international schools, into which Packwood will be welcomed. The merger with Packwood is part of a wider strategy to ensure our long-term development for the benefit of Shrewsbury School, its pupils and staff. We expect the strong flow of boarding and day pupils from Packwood to continue, and for the two schools to be able to share best practice in teaching, pastoral care and co-curricular activities.

Are the reasons for this merger financial?
Packwood is on a sound financial footing and unencumbered by debt. Following an extensive period of due diligence, we are confident in making this move and see it as a very positive step in the development of Shrewsbury School.

Who will lead Packwood?
The Packwood Headmaster will be in full charge of the day-to-day running of the School. There will be a single Shrewsbury Governing Body with Packwood Governors and dedicated committees, including members of the current Packwood Board. The Headmaster of Shrewsbury School has 14 years’ experience of senior leadership in 3-18 co-educational schools and recognises the need for Packwood to have independence and autonomy. The Headmaster of Packwood, who has experience of working with partner senior schools, will be in regular communication with the Headmaster of Shrewsbury.

Will Packwood pupils still have to sit Shrewsbury’s entrance exams?
Yes. The Shrewsbury School entrance exams are valuable for assessing pupils to ensure that they thrive at Shrewsbury School.

What about other feeder prep schools?
Packwood has always been a valued and important feeder school; indeed, there are currently over 90 Old Packwoodians enrolled at Shrewsbury School. However, like all senior schools we have strong links with many feeder schools and we continue to work to foster and develop our relationships with these schools. We value very much our close relationships with schools in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and further afield. We remain committed to ensuring that Shrewsbury’s provision of excellent all-round boarding and day co-education continues to flourish.

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