Shrewsbury School


Over the past decade Shrewsbury School Foundation has played an essential role in the enhancement of Shrewsbury School’s sporting facilities. Recent projects completed through charitable gifts include the Gemini Pool, a state of the art Cricket Centre, the Worth Fives Courts and the Yale Boathouse.

The above-mentioned projects are all examples of the huge affection Old Salopians and parents have for Shrewsbury School. These outstanding new facilities have enabled the School to continue to compete at the highest national sporting levels.

In pursuit of necessary capital improvements to Shrewsbury School, the Governors agreed to the Headmaster’s five phase Infrastructure Development Plan. As a result, the Foundation have engaged in a five year Capital Campaign. To date we are pleased to say that with the generous help of Old Salopians and parents we have funded Hodgson Hall and the Chatri Design Centre.  We are now working on redeveloping the Moser Library as a modern, state of the art facility which will play a significant role in our pupils’ ability to study independently.

Next the Foundation will focus on the redevelopment of the Ashton Theatre. 

If you wish to donate towards a project, please go to Ways of Giving or for further information, please contact the Foundation

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