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Salopian Week FAQs

Do I need tickets for any of the events?
Some events require a ticket; please use the Ticket Order Form to book tickets for the events you would like to attend. Please return this to Dawn Dunn by Friday 7th June. Some events do not require a physical ticket but we do need to be aware of the numbers attending. Tickets for the Leavers’ Ball have been dealt with separately.

Can we bring other members of our family to Speech Day?
Yes, families are all most welcome to attend any events during Salopian Week. (It would be helpful to let your son's or daughter’s Housemaster or Housemistress know in advance how many of you will be attending the lunchtime drinks parties on Speech Day.)

What is the dress code?
All pupils should wear their suits and they are expected to remain smart all day. The dress code for parents and other family members is smart casual. When selecting footwear for the day, please be mindful of the fact that the events are spread across our campus and the adjacent river bank!

What about refreshments?
On Speech Day itself you are most welcome to order lunch in Kingsland Hall. Tickets are £15 each (no discount for current pupils, although a normal lunch is also provided for pupils in KH), and must be purchased in advance using the Ticket Order Form. Please note that tickets for lunch will not be available on the door. Alternatively, you may prefer to bring a picnic which can be enjoyed on Top Common, in House Gardens, or even on the river bank whilst watching the Bumping Races. A bar is open in Quod all day. 

At the Eve of Speech Day Gala Concert, our school caterers will be serving paella (including a vegetarian version) and beef brisket and Yorkshire pudding wraps from a stand near the Marquee on Top Common (cash only on the day). You are also welcome to bring your own picnics. There will be no seats laid out in the Marquee at this point, so please bring your own picnic chairs and rugs. Our Parents' Association will be running a cash bar throughout the evening.

On Speech Day, tea will be available on Top Common at 3.30pm. 

What about parking?
Please enter the School via the Port Hill gates. Cars will not be permitted to enter through the Main Gates. You will be directed to Lower Common where all cars should be parked. There is limited disabled parking available at the Craig Building car park and at the Boathouse. Please be aware that the pedestrian route from the School down to Bumpers is quite steep. An easier route for pedestrians is via Butler Road. 

What are the expectations of my son or daughter on Speech Day?
Pupils should be available for the final clearing of Houses on the morning of Speech Day (8.00am - 10.00am). For the rest of the day, they are expected to take part in any events which require their involvement (e.g. concerts, Bumpers) but their main role is to be your guide for the day, giving them the opportunity to show you around the various exhibitions and accompany you to events. They will be expected to come to the Headmaster’s Speech and Prize Giving at 11.15am in the main marquee. At approximately 4.45pm, pupils will begin to line up smartly ready for our final whole school Call-Over at 5.15pm.  Sixth Form Salopians may take alcohol in moderation if it is offered to them by you, their parents, but only whilst in your company. School rules continue to apply, and the School will respond strongly to instances of poor behaviour. Pupils are not permitted to walk around site with alcoholic drinks - if found doing so, the drinks will be confiscated.

When does Speech Day finish?
You will be free to go after Call-Over, although you are welcome to stay longer to watch cricket until its conclusion at around 6.00pm.

What about the Leavers’ Ball?
All parents who have booked tickets for the Leavers’ Ball will receive further details of these arrangements separately.

How do we best collect our son's or daughter’s belongings from their Houses?
In order to avoid congestion, it would be really helpful if luggage could be cleared from rooms and loaded into cars the day before Speech Day, or after Call-Over on Speech Day. If this is not possible then the next best time to do this would be before 10.00am on Speech Day. As soon as your son's or daughter’s belongings are loaded, cars should be moved and parked on Lower Common for the remainder of Speech Day. Central and Top Common will be out of bounds for cars, although special access will be permitted for families collecting luggage from Rigg’s, School House and Churchill’s.

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