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Head of Faculty: Ms A. Pedraza

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Our aim is to share knowledge and experiences of Spain and Latin America in order to encourage a real thirst for knowledge and passion for Hispanic culture, language, people and travel.  We believe that a true sense of Hispanic ways of life can only be accessed through learning the language.  In fact, as there are approximately 500 million speakers worldwide it is a skill that pupils could find invaluable in the future.  Indeed, since joining the EU in 1986 Spain has been one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.  It is therefore a language that employers will value in the world of work as well as an exciting place to visit and travel.

Many Spanish pupils develop into top class linguists.  The courses are fast paced and dynamic as we cover the iGCSE course in little over two years.  We make use of up to date materials and technology and pupils of all ages are encouraged to work independently at school and at home using the VLE.  Sixth Formers have the opportunity to pop into the multi-media lab for Spanish television and they have a Spanish magazine subscription to help keep on top of current affairs.  Sixth Formers are also expected to attend an extra oral class per week outside the timetable with one of our native speakers.  Grammar clinics are offered to support the pupils' work in class and lunchtime literature sessions are offered for the most ambitious pupils to go beyond the A level course, and in particular for those aiming to read languages at Oxbridge.

Approximately half of our pupils who take iGCSE Spanish tend to carry on at A Level, and significantly more than half then decide to carry on with Spanish as part of their university degree courses.

Spanish Trips and our link with San Bartolomé School in Rosario, Argentina 

We offer a Spanish trip every year either to Spain or to Argentina where we have established a strong exchange link with San Bartolomé School in Rosario.  We have been to Barcelona, Salamanca, Alcala de Henares, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez and La Coruña.  This is an integral part of the language learning process and a fascinating opportunity.  Pupils usually stay with Spanish families and combine lessons taught by native speakers with cultural excursions and activities.  From Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona to a flamenco class in Andalusia - the pupils' enthusiasm for all things Spanish usually gathers momentum on returning from a Spanish trip.  In Argentina the experience is even more rewarding given that it is 'total immersion'.

For an account of the latest trips, please see: Spanish Faculty Trip to Argentina 2017 and Spanish Faculty Study Visit to La Coruña, Easter 2017

Several Salopians have also enjoyed spending time working at San Bartolomé School during their Gap years.

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