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Third Form Portfolio

Third Form Portfolio

During their first year in the school, each pupil produces a portfolio of work on subjects of their choice.  The aim is that they should harness their enthusiasm for their hobbies and special interests and take pride in writing or speaking about their particular skills, experiences and knowledge.  In this way they will become more used to working independently and develop better self-motivation.

Finished portfolios are made up of two pieces of work: one written, one presented orally.  The work is assessed by the pupil's Tutor, who at the end of the year will award a prize to the best portfolio in the Tutorial Group.

Examples of recent portfolio pieces include: "Paintings by Damien Hirst", "The Culture, History and Wildlife of Scotland", "The Technology of Modern Tennis", "Samurai Armour and its Fashions", "Religious Tolerance in the Roman Empire", "Crabs and their Life Cycle" and "The History of Magic, From Medieval to Modern Times".

Talks have included: "The Development of Bicycles in the 20th Century", "The Art of Getting Towed Behind a Motor Boat", and "Did Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong Really Land on the Moon?".

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