Shrewsbury School

US and International Universities

Over recent years there has been increased interest in the transatlantic option for Higher Education, and we have made good use of our own American staff in learning about the process.  In recent years the School has set up a SAT prep course, and also established itself as a SAT Test Centre.

In June each year, the School hosts a conference aimed at providing information about the university system in the USA.  We decided to run this conference as a way of enabling information and good practice about applying to the USA universities to be spread amongst a wide audience, making full use of our own knowledge and expertise as well as that of outside consultants. The conference offers advice to schools, and to potential students and their parents.  We invite a wide range of schools and colleges in the Midlands and North of England, and we also invite our old friends within the Rugby Group.  We also extend the invitation to interested students and their parents at these institutions.

We also offer written resources and guidance on universities in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the Netherlands. Europe is becoming a more attractive choice for pupils who want degrees with a more international or European focus, and many universities teach in English. For copies of the printed Guides, please visit the Careers Library.

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