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Partnership and Community Engagement

Welcome to Partnership and Community Engagement at Shrewsbury School

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Our programme of Partnership and Community Engagement is central to a Shrewsbury education. All pupils and staff benefit from the experience of outreach, caring for and connecting with others, and developing a strong sense of social responsibility.

We believe that it is important for the School to play its part in striving for a fairer society and to improve the life chances of children beyond the immediate community of Shrewsbury School. We share opportunities and experiences and gain learning through mutually supportive partnerships. By exchanging ideas and good educational practice we learn and play a part in improving outcomes for all children. By widening access, and removing barriers to entry, we create a more diverse pupil population at Shrewsbury School.

Through a broad and evolving programme of community engagement, we contribute to the betterment of the society of which we are part.

These pages are both a summary of the vibrant programme we are delivering - and a call to action as we commit to developing this programme in the years to come.

Leo Winkley


The Shrewsbury School community dedicates enormous time and energy to the development of strong partnerships – we are always looking for ways to share expertise and to harness our enthusiasms for mutual benefit.

Whether building strongly and creatively on foundations laid in 1903 at the ‘Shewsy’ in Everton, supporting the vital work of the Youth Club there, or starting brand new projects with local schools, care settings or charities, we are always aiming to find partners with whom to collaborate for the greater good.

It is a source of quiet, but genuine pride to the School that we were joint winners of the 2020 Independent School of the Year Award for Community Outreach – recognition for the breadth and quality of what we do currently, but even more perhaps an acknowledgement that we have many exciting plans for the future and want to do more.

More than that, this accolade also belongs to our many wonderful partners – it is testament to the fact that together we can achieve great things.

Stuart Cowper

Head of Partnership and Community Engagement

 An infographic of our Partnership and Community Engagement work can be downloaded here.

Please follow this link to download our Partnership and Community Engagement booklet

Please follow this link to view our Partnership and Community Engagement booklet as a digital flipbook

Please use the links below to read more about our each area of our Partnership and Community Engagement work.

Widening Access & Helping Children Through Boarding ‘The Shewsy’- Shrewsbury House, Everton
Working with Charities, Service and Volunteering Working with the Schools Together
Academic Partnerships Maths Project
Raising Aspirations Contributing to Teacher Training
Governance - Partnership and Community Engagement Widening Participation in Sport
Encouraging Communities through Activities - Art Encouraging Communities through Activities - Music and Drama
Sharing Facilities and Supporting the Local Economy  
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