The Foundation’s fundraising activities are governed by a Board of Trustees, which is made up of Old Salopians, parents, staff and Governors of the School. They meet at least twice a year.

Peter Worth (M 1965-70) - Chairman

Biographical details to follow. 

Jonathan Arthur (O 1970-75)

Jonathan has worked in a varied number of roles in the City over the last 22 years and within the Finance Industry for over 30. Currently he is a Director of Charles Stanley’s Investment Management business.

Jonathan has been involved with the Old Salopian world for many years both as a keen OS footballer in his youth and more recently spent seven years as the Treasurer of the Old Salopian Club. He is married with three daughters and still has a house on the Wirral where he spends many weekends and most holidays.

Matthew Collins

Biographical details to follow. 

James Cross (O 1975-80)

James is a barrister at 4 Pump Court in London. He specialises in commercial disputes concerned with construction and engineering, professional negligence, property damage, insurance and product liability.  He has been a QC since 2006 and has been in independent practice for over 30 years. He has been the ‘Treasurer’ of Chambers since 2007.

At Shrewsbury in the ‘Anderson years’, James was Head of School, Choregus and a 2nd VIII oarsman. He edited The Broadsheet and acted in house and school plays. He won a choral scholarship to Magdalen College Oxford, where - in addition to singing - he read law and was Captain of Boats. He combined his early years at the Bar with teaching law at Oxford.

James continues to sing regularly - with the Vasari Singers (since 1990) and at Gray’s Inn, where he is also a Bencher.  He has done two stints on the Old Salopian Committee, was Chairman of the Vasari Singers (1998-2002) and has been a Trustee of the Foundation since 2011.

James lives in London and is married with two sons, Robert and Hugh. Robert was also at Shrewsbury (S 2008-13).  

John Gosling (O 1973-77)

Biographical details to follow.

Michael Kerr (M 1966-70)

Biographical details to follow.

Charles Manby (DB 1971-75)

Charles is an advisory director at Goldman Sachs in London.  He joined the firm in 1990, having previously worked as a commodities trader for Cargill.

As well as serving as Trustee to the Foundation for Shrewsbury School, Charles is also a member of INSEAD UK Council, a trustee of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and co-chair of the 750th Campaign Committee at Merton College, Oxford.  From 2011-2016, Charles took on the role of Chairman of the Development Board at Cancer Research UK, raising £100m for The Francis Crick Institute.

Charles earned an MBA from INSEAD in 1989 and an MA from Oxford University in 1980.  He and his wife, Nicky, have three children and reside in London.