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Shrewsbury School crest

Championing the Individual

Shrewsbury School crest

“They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts.”
Sir Philip Sidney
Old Salopian

Shrewsbury delivers whole person education in a thriving and inclusive boarding and day school community that champions the individual.

At Shrewsbury, we believe that the true purpose of education is the cultivation of inner virtues, life skills and character strengths that equip our young people with the confidence and direction to pursue meaningful and successful lives.

Our distinctive model of whole person education - Floreat - offers deep learning in a challenging yet kind environment.

Academic excellence is achieved through a wide-ranging curriculum that uncovers and encourages a genuine love of learning, alongside inspirational teaching that challenges each pupil to strive for her or his own personal best.

Salopians are encouraged to be omnivorous, rounded creatures who participate widely and willingly.

As the School’s motto urges:

Intus Si Recte, Ne Labora
'If all is right within, trouble not'

We believe that school should be ‘serious fun’: because learning and enjoyment go hand in hand. Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also through a vibrant and demanding co-curricular programme and in the pastoral and communal life of the School.

Founded in 1552, the School is steeped in history and heritage, but we always look to innovate and evolve the pupil experience. With leading support for academics, musicians, athletes, performers and artists, pupils have the opportunity to pursue their passion in a unique and supportive environment.

In the spirit of our most celebrated former pupil, Charles Darwin, we believe that a truly excellent education evolves and adapts to meet the challenges of the present and embrace the opportunities of the future.

After Shrewsbury, our leavers become valued members of one of the most enduring, dynamic and empowering educational networks in the world. A Shrewsbury education lasts a lifetime.

Old Salopians - Our Alumni

Shrewsbury has long boasted a plethora of Old Salopians who have excelled in their chosen field, from naturalist and 'Father of Evolution' Charles Darwin to intrepid mountaineer Andrew 'Sandy' Irvine to revered actor Sir Michael Palin. To find out more about our notable history visit our extensive Wiki site.

In more recent years we have seen Salopians continue to thrive in a diverse range of fields and we are proud to provide pupils with a platform from which they can explore and excel in their individual talents and enthusiasms.

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