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Activities Overview

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School should be Serious Fun. Shrewsbury offers an exciting range of activities across the UK for pupils to enjoy.

Co-curricular activities take place every Thursday afternoon and all pupils take part. Involvement is not mandatory for the Upper Sixth, but we encourage participation for the first two terms. Options for the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Form are either year-long (Young Enterprise or mountain biking, for example), or modular, taking place in blocks. These modular courses allow pupils to build up their own varied programme of activities.

Many of the Thursday activities take advantage of Shrewsbury's ideal geographical location, on the banks of the Severn, within sight of the South Shropshire Hills, and an easy drive from Snowdonia.

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BASE (Boldness, Adventure, Skills and Experience) Programme

BASE is a new Thursday afternoon co-curricular programme aimed at providing a foundation for our Third Form (Year 9) pupils.

The objectives are to focus on skills that are not necessarily obtained in the classroom and to develop competencies that will benefit Salopians in work, play and social relationships. The year-long programme is designed to be fun, testing and by design will push pupils to work together and make friends outside their usual groups.

BASE uses both sport and activities to achieve these common goals and is a truly co-curricular programme. Through a rotation of sport, outdoor activities, community work and expedition practice, we hope that pupils will gain a willingness to try new things, embrace challenges and develop skills of resilience, positivity, leadership, self-awareness of themselves and others – and have some fun along the way.

The sporting element to the programme gives our Third Formers the chance to be coached by some of our top coaches in a range of disciplines: rowing, fives, cross-country, cricket, hockey, football and netball. In all of this, there is a holistic approach to personal development, and we believe the benefits of the programme will be most apparent as pupils move upwards through the School and develop further these key skills.

The range of co-curricular activities on offer at Shrewsbury is enormous and allows pupils to not only pursue a passion but also introduce them to activities that inspire them to unearth hidden talents.

Find out more about just a small selection of activities on offer at Shrewsbury by clicking on the images below while a full list can be found beneath the cards.

Full List of Activities

  • Adventure Society
  • Combined Cadet Force (CCF)
  • Concert Party
  • Creative Arts & Media
  • Creative Writing
  • Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)
  • ETSOS: Experimental Techniques in Science for Overseas Students
  • Individual Projects
  • John Peel Music
  • Management Club
  • Microsoft Skills
  • Music Technology
  • Natural History
  • Polo
  • SAT
  • Scuba Diving
  • Self Defence
  • STEM
  • Volunteering
Making your Thursday activity choice - some guidelines
  • There are 28 activity days (two of which are full ‘Field Days’) on which activities take place. Most run from approximately 2.15pm to 4.30pm but some last longer than this for practical reasons. Examples of activities that sometimes last longer include Natural History, Mountain Biking, CCF and some Volunteering activities.

  • Lower sixth entrants can choose in advance by emailing [email protected] otherwise will choose when they arrive at school.

  • Pupils opting for full-year choices are expected to honour their commitment to its conclusion and are expected to stay with that activity for the full 28 weeks.

  • Naturally, pupils are expected to approach their activity programme in the same professional and courteous manner as in all areas of school life, and in particular where there is contact with members of the public or links with external organisations.

  • Our activity programme is constantly developing and comments or suggestions are welcome.

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