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Tutors play an integral part at Shrewsbury, supporting pupils through every aspect of school life.

In addition to their Housemaster or Housemistress, each pupil has a personal tutor who is responsible for monitoring academic progress, supporting pupils' wellbeing and simply being there for the individual, providing a link between school and home.

Whether in a group setting or on a 1:1 basis, Salopians benefit from the wealth of experience and the genuine care and support that our tutors have to offer. 

Lower School Tutors (up to and including the GCSE year)

Each member of teaching staff is allocated to a House, and for pupils in the Lower School their tutor will be a member of their House tutor team.

House tutors generally visit the House for one evening's duty each week, and one pre-lesson session per week is assigned to tutor groups, so tutor and pupil can maintain close contact.

A tutor is often the first port of call for advice, help, sympathy, or simply a chat about the last sports match. In addition, the weekly lessons are used to review pupils' academic reports.

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Sixth Form Tutors

A key feature of the Sixth Form tutor system at Shrewsbury is that each student chooses their tutor.  We realise that the needs of a varied and interesting group of students are necessarily very broad and diverse.  Fortunately our staff is not a homogeneous group either!  Students are given time to make their selection and soon get to know the character of members of staff, through teaching, co-curricular activities and by word of mouth through the student grapevine.

Sixth Form tutoring at Shrewsbury School involves the nurturing of individual students in a caring, supportive and mutually respectful environment. A vital administrative aspect of tutoring involves overseeing academic progress and university applications. Yet the essential value of the role lies in expanding students’ intellectual, personal, cultural and moral horizons in preparation for entry into higher education and the adult world.

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