Shrewsbury School


Shrewsbury’s academic provision endeavours to be exciting, challenging, responsive and versatile. We want pupils to be engaged in a learning process that combines inspirational experience (through curricula, through teaching and though independent initiative) with the sort of rigour and precision that will prepare children not only to produce the sort of spectacular public exam results that they so routinely do, but also to be empathetic, innovative and leading contributors to the world beyond the school gates.

An abiding commitment to holistic education allows us to provide an impressive breadth of pathways, tailored to the needs and enthusiasms of the individual, while our passionate subject specialists deliver their courses in a manner designed to ‘teach for mastery’. Pupils at Shrewsbury gain a confident understanding of core, central concepts and understand their application in a real-world context. We actively encourage cross-curricular thinking – synthesising ideas between Faculties and encouraging the transference of skills. Our classrooms are warm, welcoming environments in which pupils can expect to have their thoughts and opinions heard and in which they will certainly be pushed to meet and exceed their potential.

We believe that education is the process by which children are brought into contact with the world and we take this responsibility very seriously, giving careful thought to the values and behaviours we model and communicate. Above all else, we aim to engender excitement and enjoyment and to cultivate a love of learning for its own sake both in the classroom and well beyond it!


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