Shrewsbury School


Whether on sports field or stage, in concert hall or art studio, the breadth of activities available to pupils at Shrewsbury provides a wealth of opportunity and challenge and is a key element of the holistic educational vision of the School.   

With outstanding facilities and inspiring staff, pupils are nurtured and encouraged to reach their potential, regardless of ability or aspiration.  Many will come here with passions already formed; others will find a flame lit for the first time.  All pupils are encouraged to participate widely across sport, music, drama and activities, and in providing such a rich tapestry of opportunities you would be hard pressed to find a pupil who hasn’t found their passion!

Developing the much sought-after ‘soft skills’ of leadership, collaboration, resilience and perseverance, we see the co-curricular life of the School as not merely being about enjoyment and participation but as an important mechanism by which our pupils can be equipped to make an impact on the world at large.  It is for this reason that we often refer to the co-curricular life of the School as the ‘second classroom’. 

Indeed, it is not separate to what we are doing in the classroom, it is entirely complementary.  It is about challenge, it is about determination.  It is about the rich reward of hard work and the ability to bounce back when you fall down.  It is, above all else, about ensuring that all pupils are nurtured and encouraged during their time at Shrewsbury and can develop interests, passions, skills and values that will stay with them long after they leave the school gates as they enter the world beyond. 

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