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Careers & Higher Education

The Careers Department plays an important part in preparing pupils for the world beyond Shrewsbury School. From their earliest days in the School, they are encouraged and enabled to develop: a good understanding of themselves; an awareness of the full range of opportunities open to them; the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them to succeed. 

Pupils have access to practical and personalised guidance from the careers staff and the wider Salopian community to help identify and develop their aspirations and make informed decisions about their next steps, both academic and professional.

The Careers Library is open to students throughout term time and is stocked with university prospectuses, gap year and careers publications. There is a student workroom for independent internet research and advice and support is always available to pupils and their parents from the Head of Futures, the Higher Education Adviser and the Careers Secretary.

The world of work is changing rapidly with levels of competition greater than ever before. The competition for work experience, internships and jobs can put pressure on young people to make decisions earlier than they would like or feel ready to do so. There is an overwhelming amount of information to absorb and our job is to help pupils and parents to navigate their way successfully through it.

The careers staff work as part of the whole school team, supported by the Salopian Club, to provide the best possible advice to pupils on course choices, universities, work experience and extra-curricular activities.

Lectures are delivered throughout the year by visiting speakers, many of them Old Salopians, sharing their experience of a diverse range of professions and industry sectors.

In partnerships with local employers and parents, activities are run for pupils from all year groups with an interest in a particular profession. Amongst other things, these include professional insight visits to a local law firm, enterprise competitions and hands-on events in the school delivered by institutions from the NHS to the New York Film Academy.

The annual Salopian Careers Conference offers pupils a networking opportunity and the chance to discuss their areas of interest with distinguished professionals, sector specialists and representatives from some of the top employers in the country.

Every experience and activity develops some of the skills demanded by future employers and we work hard to ensure pupils leave Shrewsbury with the self-awareness and confidence to communicate their strengths and achievements to both academic and professional recruiters.

Careers Advice and Support

The support of the Careers Team extends beyond the school years and the school gates. For pupils who have decided to defer application to university until after their A Level results are issued, guidance is still available from the Higher Education Adviser and Elite Universities Co-ordinator during their gap year. Old Salopians also benefit from access to support from the Careers Department wherever they are, at every stage on the career path.

Guidance on undergraduate internships and industry placements as well as post-university careers choices is available to supplement what students get from the university careers services and Old Salopians considering later career changes are also welcome to take advantage of the help on offer.

There is an open invitation to all parents to visit or speak to the careers staff about any concerns or to seek advice and guidance on higher education or careers for themselves or their children.

The Careers Team work with The Salopian Club to maintain contacts with parents and Old Salopians across a number of sectors, who can offer advice and insight on various career paths. 


The Careers Library is situated centrally and contains information about careers, internships, Higher Education, Sponsorship and the Gap year.

There are web-based resources on the Careers area of the school intranet. 

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