Shrewsbury School

Charity Fundraising

The student-chaired Charities Committee meets twice a term and discusses new fundraising ideas, which charities to support and publicity material for Assemblies, Twitter and poster campaigns. House-run Charity Committees are now starting to emerge, run on the same model.

The School’s support for Shrewsbury House (known as 'the Shewsy') Youth Club in Everton, Liverpool, founded in 1903 by a master at the School, has remained paramount. 60 Lower Sixth students visit the Shewsy each year, for three days at a time and see for themselves the impact the Shewsy has on the surrounding community, in between passionate games of football and pool. There is a group of Shewsy Ambassadors, responsible for organising and hosting the Youth Club’s visits to the School. Every five years there is a whole school sponsored walk, which in 2016 raised £100,000.

The School also supports the work of Medic Malawi, which runs a hospital and orphanage in Africa. Students are also able to visit the work of Medic Malawi every two years, to witness the work of this small, dynamic charity in one of the seven poorest countries in the world. In the last four years, Shrewsbury has raised almost £40,000 which has built a much-needed eye clinic at the hospital, and the visiting students muck in at the orphanage, school and chicken farm.

There is a huge groundswell of support for charity fund-raising amongst the staff, pupils, parents and Old Salopians, and rarely a week goes by without some event springing up. Short reports and photos of these are posted regularly on our Latest Charities News page.

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