Shrewsbury School

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

At the start of their second year pupils must choose between joining the CCF and what is known as Basic Year, a non-military outward-bound option.

The CCF training is planned with 'serious fun' in mind. Our programme includes: shooting, physical training, first aid, fieldcraft, navigation, leadership, drill, unarmed combat, watermanship, campcraft, climbing, canoeing, hill walking as well as specialist skills related to all three sections - flying training in the RAF for example.

The CCF is voluntary albeit with a choice of only one other activity outside it. The 90 or so pupils who join each year choose between Royal Marines, Army and RAF sections with the Royal Marines operating a selection system meaning each section recruits 20, 50 and 20 cadets each year. Pupils who opt to stay on are encouraged to join one of the Junior NCO Cadre courses on offer and generally prepare for NCO (non commissioned officer) service within the CCF.

Note for current parents:
In case any parents have lost them, you may download copies of the CCF Parental Consent Form, and also the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) that should have been sent to you.

Fourth Form CCF Camps Programme
Each year we hold CCF camps for our Fourth Form cadets, and hope each pupil will attend one of the two camps on offer.

This is a non-military multi-activity adventure camp held at Talargerwyn, the school bunkhouse in Snowdonia.

A military style camp based at Nesscliff Training Camp in Shropshire.

In the Fifth Form and beyond
Good NCOs are an absolute priority and their development continues to be the key part of our programme. We have introduced Cadre courses across the board and the core of this deals with Methods of Instruction and other leadership skills. We ask our NCOs to instruct wherever this is possible and try to give them real responsibility. Command appointments on exercises and leadership training weekends hopefully contribute towards a useful and enjoyable package. 

Three annual Field Days are held, one per term with an additional voluntary weekend overnight exercise, again one per term. Summer and Easter Camps are held annually.

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