Shrewsbury School

The Gap Year

Historically, between 25-30% of our pupils take a year out between leaving school and entering Higher Education. Whilst recognising that such a year may not be of benefit to everyone, we take the view that a constructive well-planned Gap Year can provide a wealth of experience and responsibility which can be of tremendous importance for the future.

The Futures Department has an extensive supply of resource material to enable students to organise a Gap Year - some of it is commercially available, and some is generated within the School, making use of the experiences of our former pupils. Various Scholarship schemes are advertised to help fund people in their Gap Year. All of these require the students to invest time and effort in planning their year out.

Old Salopians have undertaken various exciting and challenging ventures including: sponsored cycle rides across the USA and through Vietnam, teaching in Argentina and travelling in South America, teaching in South Africa and researching Boer War sites, teaching Tibetan refugees in India, sailing across the Atlantic and trekking in Nepal, teaching in rural Africa, and even researching race courses across the world.

The School invites Gap Year providers to the Higher Education and Gap Year Fair in order to showcase a range of options available to students. This takes place in the Lent term with Pupils of all ages welcome to attend.

For more information on Travel Scholarships for a Gap Year, please see our page on Travel Scholarships.


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