Shrewsbury School

A message from the Headmaster

Shrewsbury School has a world-class reputation for all-round excellence.  Fully co-educational, with a seven-day boarding heartbeat and an integral day community, we deliver a dynamic education that develops the abilities and enthusiasms of each and every individual girl and boy.

School should be serious fun.  Learning and enjoyment go hand in hand: in the classroom, through a vibrant co-curricular programme and in the communal life of the School.  At Shrewsbury, we aim to provide the most diverse, challenging and supportive environment in which all our children can thrive and exceed their own expectations.  

A good education opens doors.  This means getting the best possible examination results and qualifications.  Academic excellence is achieved through a wide-ranging curriculum that uncovers and encourages a genuine love of learning, alongside inspirational teaching that challenges each pupil to strive for her or his personal best.  However, examination certificates are just one product of education.  Many skills, values and aptitudes do not come with a piece of paper, but they are nonetheless vital for happy and purposeful living.  A great education nurtures character; and it lasts a lifetime.  

The Shrewsbury School motto gets to the heart of our vision: Intus Si Recte Ne Labora – ‘if all is right within, trouble not’.  Ours is not a superficial, skin-deep education but one that seeks to develop the whole person.  If our values are true, and we live by them with honesty and conviction; if we look beyond the surface of things to question and champion independence of mind; and if we learn deeply in order to lead lives of meaning, generosity and purpose, then we will see the full fruits of a Shrewsbury education.

We understand that the choice of the right senior school is as complex as it is important.  With this in mind, a personal visit is the best way to form a view as to what makes Shrewsbury School so special.

Come and see us to find out more.  We look forward to welcoming you warmly.

Leo Winkley, Headmaster


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