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IT Support

Our IT Support Team works closely with all departments, faculties and pupils, to try to ensure the best IT facilities are made available to all.

The department provides a variety of services to staff and pupils, from general IT and Audio Visual support, through to procurement and basic PC/Laptop repairs.

All staff, pupils and visitors accessing IT systems in School do so in accordance with the IT Acceptable Usage of Computers Policies.

Copies of these can be found below:

Non-Pupil Acceptable Usage of Computers - for Staff, Visitors and Families living onsite

Pupil Acceptable Usage of Computers Policies - for all pupils

Pupils  - Getting them online

We work hard to ensure our pupils get connected as soon as possible once they arrive at School, whilst ensuring they are safe online. 

When any pupil joins Shrewsbury, they can connect to the School network with their own machine simply and easily using their School username and password, which are issued on arrival.

Access to School IT systems is subject to the School's Acceptable Usage Policy or AUP. You will have been given a copy of this policy prior to your son or daughter joining the School.

By signing this policy you are agreeing that the software on your son's/daughter's machine is genuine, and that they understand the importance of how to conduct themselves whilst using the School IT systems. This cannot be done by School staff.

If you have any concerns please contact your son's/daughter's Housemaster or you can contact the School IT Department direct using the details below:

What Computer will I need?

Shrewsbury has a Device for Learning policy. This means that all pupils are required to have a Microsoft Surface device for learning at Shrewsbury. Details of which device and the full rationale can be found here:

All pupils are supplied with a Microsoft Office 365 account. This provides up to 5 free copies of the latest version of Microsoft Office which they can install on any personal devices. Parents do not therefore need to purchase additional MS Office software. Devices running Windows 10/11 have adequate antivirus protection.

New entrants should purchase these devices through our portal at when the purchasing window is open. This allows the devices to be configured and deployed effectively for use at Shrewsbury. Existing students can also use this service to update their device if needed during their time at Shrewsbury.

You should check that the laptop and other valuable equipment is insured for theft and damage whilst it is at School: it is not covered by the School’s insurers. Consideration should also be taken in providing security marking which can deter theft, especially when travelling to and from School.

Use of these devices in the classroom is at the discretion of the individual member of staff in charge.

If you have further questions about Devices at Shrewsbury please contact Head of Digital Learning Mr Henry Exham

If you require any further advice or information, please contact the IT Support Department


Post: ITSUPPORT, The Craig Building, Shrewsbury School, The Schools, Shrewsbury, SY3 7BA

Telephone: (01743) 280995 or (+44) 1743 280995 if abroad.

FAX:  (01743) 351932 or (+44) 1743 351932 if abroad.

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