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Outdoor Week

"A challenging week out of the classroom"

Outdoor Week for Third and Fourth Forms -14th to 19th June.  

Outdoor Week is a major part of the Salopian calendar and takes both these year groups out of the classroom on a combined expedition and multi-activity programme. Pupils spend half the week in the Shropshire countryside undertaking an independent walking expedition, (which for those doing Bronze counts as their DofE expedition) and three varied days of group work, such as community projects, a conservation day with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and an activity competition day.

Please follow this link to read the Third and Fourth Form Outdoor Week Key Timings and Events Overview

Why both year groups?

Outdoor Week produces strong and positive memories for Salopians – it is a time of discovery, adventure and fun, and has the additional advantage of enabling positive bonding away from house or friendship groups. We are running a double week this year as the current fourth form missed Outdoor Week last summer and we strongly believe that all should have the opportunity to experience the positive outdoor education it provides.

Clothing and Equipment. 

The emphasis of the week is on challenge, fun and teamwork but please note they will be outdoors for the great majority of the time. A requirement of the expedition element (which all pupils will do) will be for proper waterproofs, ideally a full set,  as well as decent walking boots, ideally with ankle support.

If your child is doing DofE Bronze do ask them to dig out their discount card, giving money off items at major outdoor clothing retailers.

Please follow this link to view the Expedition Kit List

Day pupils and overnights

Parents of day pupils please note that your child will spend one night camping out that week, and thus will be away from home for that night only. This will be on either Tues 15th or Friday 18th June depending on what group they are allocated to. These allocations will be announced by email to your son/daughter in the week prior.

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