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School uniform

The following documents are available from the School Shop but may also be downloaded here:
[For prices, please see the Clothing Order Form.]

Lower School Uniform

School blazer
School Kilt or Charcoal grey plain formal trousers with modest belt
School shirt/blouse white, check or stripe
School tie (to be worn with shirts not blouses)
School pullover
Black, polished, leather shoes with flat heel.
Socks or tights (single dark colour or skin tone)
Overcoat (navy or dark grey, three-quarters or full length)
Scarf, school issue only
For Sunday Chapel, pupils wear a suit, navy or dark grey, plain or pinstripe
          Or School suit trousers/skirt to match the School blazer


Sixth Form Uniform

Business suit of conventional cut in navy, grey or black (skirts must be knee length)
         Or Navy blazer/Sports jacket worn with grey/black plain formal trousers
Formal shirt/blouse any colour except black; stripes or checks are permitted, button-down collars are not permitted.
School tie (to be worn with shirts not blouses)
V-Necked, plain pullover of a single dark colour
Black, polished, leather shoes with flat or modest heel.
Socks or tights (single dark colour or skin tone)
Overcoat (navy or dark grey, three quarters or full length)
Scarf, school issue only. Football and other sporting scarves are forbidden.

Sports Kit

Please see Sports Kit Guidelines for full details.  

Smart Informal Guidelines

Jacket; corduroys/chinos or smart trousers/knee-length skirt; shirt/blouse with collar; tie to be worn with shirt not necessarily a school tie; leather/suede smart shoes; no jeans or other casual wear.

Casual clothing must be clean and tidy, and not patched or ragged. 


Coats: Overcoats must be dark grey or navy wool type of a length to reach below the jacket.  Short anoraks are only to be worn with smart informal or casual dress.

Scarves: Scarves must be school issue – Football (and all other scarves) are specifically forbidden with school dress or suits.

Hats: Sun hats, cricket caps, woollen hats for hill-walking or hats required for other sports or activities may be worn in the appropriate circumstances.  Otherwise hats (including baseball hats) are not allowed on the School site or in town.

Hair: At all times hair must be clean, tidy and natural in appearance.

Appearance: With School Dress and suits, shirts and blouses must be tucked in, cuffs fastened and shirt collar bottons done up.

Jewellery: With School Dress, pupils may wear one charity wristband or one modest bracelet, one modest necklace and one small pair of earrings. (NB All other body piercings are not permitted at any time.)

Salopians are expected to dress at all times with modesty and due consideration for others; at no time should they wear clothing or accessories which are extravagant, undignified or offensive in style. 

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