Shrewsbury School

Spanish Society

Regular attendance at Spanish Society events increases students' exposure to Hispanic culture.  Spanish at Shrewsbury is not just a subject in the classroom.  There are about 450 million Spanish speakers in the world living in many exciting and interesting countries.  They offer a wealth of literature, film, art, food and drink and adventurous places to be explored.  Students' language skills and exam performance are very likely to improve by regular attendance at Spanish Society meetings, not to mention their enthusiasm for travel and other cultures.  To truly understand how another society works and its people think, students must go beyond studying only the language.  The A2 Spanish course includes coursework on any cultural or social topic from a Spanish-speaking country.  Also, many Sixth Formers at Shrewsbury choose to travel and live abroad during a Gap Year.  The Spanish Society aims to help students prepare for both A2 coursework and for foreign travel.

Attendance at Spanish Society events is not compulsory, but the existence of this society depends on students' enthusiasm and commitment.  The expectation is therefore that students will attend as often as possible.  As this is a society run for the students, we ask that they contribute to it occasionally.  This means that Sixth Form students of Spanish will sometimes be asked to present an aspect of Spanish society, culture or history that will be of interest to the group.

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