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Sponsored Walk 2021 Links

On Thursday 23rd September the whole school community is looking forward to walking 19 miles across the Long Mynd to raise money for ‘The Shewsy’, the Youth Club in Everton founded by the Masters of Shrewsbury School back in 1903. 

Please visit our Sponsored Walk main page for more information.

To download a copy of the sponsorship form, please use Sponsored Walk Form (PDF) or Sponsored Walk Form (Word).


Links below for the Sponsored Walk 2021 Event:


Main Page for Staff/Old Salopians:

Page for Churchills:

Page for Emma Darwin:

Page for Ingram’s:

Page for Mary Sidney:

Page for Mosers:

Page for Oldham’s:

Page for Port Hill:

Page for Radbrook:

Page for Ridgemount:

Page for Riggs:

Page for School House:

Page for Severn Hill:

Page for The Grove:


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