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Whole School Sponsored Walk for The Shewsy

On Thursday 23rd September the whole school community is looking forward to walking 19 miles across the Long Mynd to raise money for ‘The Shewsy’, the Youth Club in Everton founded by the Masters of Shrewsbury School back in 1903. 

Please visit our Sponsored Walk Links page for links to House and Staff/Old Salopians donation pages. 

To download a copy of the sponsorship form, please use Sponsored Walk Form (PDF) or Sponsored Walk Form (Word).

The required list of equipment for the Sponsored Walk 2021 can be viewed here.

Sporting Stars show their support for Sponsored Walk - Click here to view the video messages.

This will be a day for collective endeavour and fellowship, a special moment to break from the routine and to enjoy together some of Shropshire’s most beautiful scenery and stunning views extending across into Wales.  It is an event that we organise every five years such that whilst at the school each and every student has the opportunity to make a direct contribution to supporting the vital social work of ‘The Shewsy’. 

The below video is for families joining Shrewsbury School in September 2021.

According to David Gee, former master at Shrewsbury (1958-98) and distinguished authority on the history of the School to the present day, the first such sponsored walk was in September 1969 – when a joint party from the school and from the club walked from Liverpool to Shrewsbury to raise funds for the rebuilding of Shrewsbury House.  Since then, there have been ten whole-school sponsored walks, with The Shewsy as the main beneficiary of the fundraising over that time.  In that context, every mile walked and every pound raised follows in the footsteps of many previous generations of Salopians. 

As we approach the walk in September, we shall publish stories from previous sponsored walks, courtesy of David’s fascinating research.

Back to the present, we are looking forward to the 2021 sponsored walk to show our continued support for ‘The Shewsy’.  This follows what has been a tricky year with most of our shared projects either in enforced abeyance or having been adapted to work in remote. Nevertheless, existing members of the School community will already know a good deal about ‘The Shewsy’ and greatly value our relationship.  For those about to join the School, there will be opportunities to learn more and to become involved in our partnership during the coming years.  The money raised in 2016 was able to support the staffing at The Shewsy for over five years, enabling much work to be done with young people.  You can find out more about ‘The Shewsy’ by visiting their website or by following on Instagram

Before the end of term, we will provide further information, including kit-lists and sponsorship forms / links for digital donations. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about logistics, please contact Nick David (  For questions about fundraising, please contact Stuart Cowper (  

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