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Welcome to STEM Potential at Shrewsbury School

Apply for a place on STEM Potential at Shrewsbury School via the Imperial College London website now   

Last year, Imperial College London expanded its successful STEM Potential programme to include a Shrewsbury cohort, in partnership with Shrewsbury School and Oundle School.

As part of the STEM Potential Programme, Year 10 students are now being offered the chance to join other pupils from the area to experience a bespoke programme of Science and Maths which will support their GCSE studies, take them beyond the confines of the GCSE courses and one day support pupils’ university applications.

The aim of the programme is to widen access to university through supporting pupils with academic potential and interest in STEM careers to reach tertiary level courses in scientific disciplines. Pupils will be supported through their KS4 and KS5 studies through subject-specific workshops, lectures and mentoring.

Examples of talks given in remote through 2020:


There is the opportunity to attend around six events each year at Shrewsbury School including:

  • Masterclasses in Science and Mathematics
  • Lectures
  • Revision Days
  • University application advice
  • Opportunities to attend STEM lectures and other events at Shrewsbury School
  • One day led by Imperial College London outreach staff
  • Space Science Day hosted by Imperial College London

In Year 10 and 11, pupils will take masterclasses in Science and Maths to enhance their range of skills and experience, and to inform their choices for A-level. During workshops, pupils will interact with staff from Shrewsbury School, Oundle School (the other partner in the programme) and Imperial College London.

Being in remote through 2020-21 enabled the three centres to develop collaboration practices that will continue to enhance the experience. While live classroom practical and theoretical experiences remain at the core of the STEM Potential days, virtual talks and gatherings will also be available on this course.

Links to example lectures are available to view at the bottom of this page!

Additional resources may also be offered periodically to students on the programme, both to engage in research activity and perform small practical experiments at home.

Examples of resources STEM Potential provided last year:



To apply for STEM Potential pupils must be starting Year 10 from September 2021, taking GCSE examinations in summer 2023; have a keen interest in taking at least one Science and/or Maths A Levels; and be willing to travel to Shrewsbury School for the scheduled dates of the programme (usually Saturdays).

You should apply for a place on STEM Potential (Shrewsbury) via the Imperial College London website:          

Applications are now open and are required from students by 20th June.

Please follow this link for a guide on how to apply and talk to your teachers about how you could take part.

Examples of talks given for STEM Potential last year are linked below. Lectures will still be made available alongside the move back into labs.

What Zebrafish Have Taught Me

A Ladder to the End of the Universe

A Mathematical Coincidence

Mars Rover Technology

The Neuroscience of Learning

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