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Welcome to the Shrewsbury School Development Office

Development at Shrewsbury exists to strengthen the School’s position as one of the finest coeducational boarding schools in the country with a powerful global reach. It extends the reputation of the School and its Headmaster through means of inspiring and enabling the active participation of the School’s global community in philanthropic and engagement activities which serve to confirm and strengthen the School’s future.

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Campaign 2020 – 2030

Campaign 2020 – 2030 is the strategic framework guiding our activity. This ten-year, Global Advancement Strategy sets an ambitious initial focus of supporting means tested bursaries, while enabling us to welcome other projects alongside to enhance the environment and life of the School both today, and tomorrow. We are progressing with confidence toward the School’s commitment to meet its strategic objective of increasing the number of 'Transformative Means Tested Bursary' recipients to a target of 40 pupils annually by 2030.

Our definition of ‘Transformative Means Tested Bursaries’ is those which enable young people requiring 75% - 110% remission of fees to attend the School.

The Shrewsbury School Foundation

All the funds raised by the Development Office are directed to the School’s linked charity, the Shrewsbury School Foundation, which is governed by a Chair and a Board of Trustees.

The Shrewsbury School Foundation was established in 1965, and is thought to be the first such charitable foundation associated with a British independent school. To this day, the Foundation exists to create, support and enhance the provisions of Shrewsbury School, including its commitment to the provision of means tested bursaries.

We also receive support through the Shrewsbury School American Foundation, which is also governed by its own Chairman and Board of Trustees.

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Shrewsbury: For Life

Shrewsbury School and Shrewsbury School Foundation are charities (numbers 528413 and 528415) registered in England and Wales