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eNewsletter: Friday 25th September 2020

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An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

The oft-quoted lines from the poet John Donne suggest that “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”.  In a time when we are trying to operate a community that is both together but distanced, these words take on a new meaning.  The sense of isolation that characterised many young people’s experience of lockdown has, with the re-opening of schools, been replaced by a sense of community.   Shrewsbury has found a way to thrive under the necessary limitations of the day. 

These first three weeks of term, we have all been on campus pretty much non-stop seven days a week.  This has generated a strong sense of togetherness and community.  Equally, we must remain alert to the world beyond and our part in it.  Our school is strongly embedded in its local community and we like to play a positive role in society.  We are quietly proud to share the news that we have been listed as finalists in the national Independent Schools of the Year Award 2020 for community outreach.  During lockdown, our community work continued, with the DT Faculty making visors and the school sharing PPE with local hospitals and surgeries.  Alongside a historic association with the Shewsy, our youth club in Everton, and numerous volunteering programmes and educational partnerships with over 30 state schools, this community activity is part of our essence.  And it is essential that our pupils foster and develop a keen sense of social responsibility during their time at the school.    

We will continue to work hard to give the pupils the best experience that they can have.  We are proud to be a distinctive community – a Salopian island - but we are also dedicated to being a constructive “part of the main”. 

Leo Winkley

Floreat - 18 September 2020

Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of Floreat held on 18 September 2020

Momentous Moment for Shrewsbury School

A landmark moment for Shrewsbury School - the very first girls to go to the same House as their Old Salopian fathers. Moser's welcomes third formers Millie and Sophie this September and welcomes back Matt and John who were Third formers in 1985 and 1983!

Pictured above Matt (1985), Millie (2020), Sophie (2020) and John (1983)

Pictured above Moser's House including Matt (sixth boy from left in penultimate row) and John (very right of the senior row with Housemaster Peter Cox and tutors).

Matt Morris comments:

"I remember my time at Mosers as if it was yesterday. The characters, both fellow students and teachers, The Salopian slang and the atmosphere of Mosers itself. My most memorable moment is from my very first day, sat in the lecture theatre after a whirlwind of a morning, Dr Gee addressed the whole of the Salopian intake with, "you will be remembered as the class of 1990, so make your time at Shrewsbury count"

"Those words have stayed with me ever since, and I found myself saying the very same words to my daughter Millie on her very first day as a Salopian: “You will be remembered as the class of 2025, make your time at Shrewsbury count”

"I am of course delighted that Millie is attending the school and Mosers in particular."

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