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Welcome to the Shrewsbury School Wiki - your portal to the rich heritage and vibrant present of our institution. Delve into our storied past, explore academic excellence, celebrate artistic endeavours and uncover the countless achievements of our school community.

Moments in our History

Embark on an immersive journey through time with our interactive timeline, offering a dynamic exploration of key milestones and pivotal moments. 

Investigate specific topics and gain comprehensive insights using the dropdowns below. Uncover a wealth of knowledge and context as you engage with the past, present and intricacies of our history.

YearEventsFurther Information
1552Foundation of Shrewsbury SchoolRead More
1561Revd Thomas Ashton becomes Headmaster (until 1571)Read More
1564Thomas Ashton's first plays on the Passion of Christ begin in Shrewsbury 
1564Philip Sidney and Fulke Greville arrive as pupils 
1571T. Lawrence becomes Headmaster Until 1583) 
1578Ashton's OrdinancesRead More
1583J Meighen becomes Headmaster (until 1635) 
1586In the first edition of 'Britannia', William Camden describes Shrewsbury as "the best attended school in England"Read More
1595Grinshill stone library, gallery & chapel block completedRead More


YearEventFurther Information
1606Library fitted out as a chained library by the Headmaster, John Meighen: one of his major achievements and an enduring legacy to the School 
1617Chapel completed  
1617A house built at Grinshill as a retreat during times of plagueRead more
1630'Old Schools' - Teaching block with Top Schools completed with an archway graced by figures of Philomathes and PolymathesRead More
1637Revd T. Challoner becomes Headmaster (until 1645; then again from 1663-64). Challoner was replaced as Headmaster by the nominee of Parliament, following the School's support of Charles I during the Civil War. 
1646Revd R. Piggott becomes Headmaster. 
1663Revd T Challoner Headmaster again for a year. Challoner was restored briefly as Headmaster by Charles II.
1664Revd A. Taylor becomes Headmaster 
1687School purchases Newton's Principia Mathematica 
1687Revd T. Lloyd becomes Headmaster 
YearEventFurther Information
1723Revd H. Owen becomes Headmaster 
1727Revd R. Phillips becomes Headmaster 
1735Revd L. Hotchkis becomes Headmaster 
1754Revd C. Newling becomes Headmaster 
1766Bulk of Revd John Taylor's collection of 3,500 books bequeathed to the SchoolRead More
1771Revd J. Atcherley becomes HeadmasterNotoriously neglectful of his duties. The number of pupils dwindled to less than a dozen and a group of leading burgesses initiated a movement to reform the administration of the School by an Act of Parliament.
1794Plans for reform begun by the local clergy and gentry who made up the Corporation: Act for better Government and Regulation of the Free Grammar School of King Edward Sixth at Shrewsbury (1798).

St John's College Cambridge to appoint the Head and second Masters; the Headmaster, the under masters. The School to be governed by Trustees initially appointed in the Act; and the Mayor to be Chairman in his year of office; the sons of burgesses to retain their rights to free tuition; all others had to pay fees; School Bailiff (responsible for collecting the revenue of the School and making payments) to be fully answerable to the Trustees; existing masters all to retire on generous terms, which ensured that the School started with a totally clean slate.
1798The Shrewsbury School ActRead More
1798Dr Samuel Butler appointed as Headmaster, aged 24.Read More
1798Two fives courts built behind and below the School BuildingsRead More
YearEventFurther Information
1819Origins of the Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt (Cross Country Running Club) 
1820Charles Darwin arrives as a pupilRead More
1821Speech Days first introducedThese stopped being held annually in 1846 but were revived by Moss in 1888.
1831First written records of the Royal Shrewsbury School HuntRead More
1832The first Royal VisitBy the Duchess of Kent and Princess Victoria
1834First record of the Annual Steeplechase, making it the oldest cross-country race in the world  
1836Revd Benjamin Hall Kennedy appointed as HeadmasterRead More
1838First Sidney Gold Medal is awardedRead more
1839First School Rowing RegattaRead More
1856Rules of Football drawn up in Cambridge by group including 2 OSRead more
1860Shrewsbury School Drill Company formedRead more
1861Rigg's Hall openedRevd J. Rigg is Housemaster until 1872; from 1872 - 1900 the Housemaster is Revd G.T. Hall
1864First School ChoirRead More
1866Revd Henry Moss appointed as Headmaster 
1866Founding of the Royal Shrewsbury School Boat ClubRead More
1867Bumping Races began as a separate event (see Rowing Regatta, 1839 above)Read More
1868Clarendon Commission Public Schools Act includes Shrewsbury in its list of public schoolsRead More
1875Churchill's Hall openedRevd C.J.S. Churchill is Housemaster until 1910
1878Main Building + 27 acres at Kingland Site bought by Shrewsbury School for £9500Read More
1882Move to the Kingsland SiteRead More
1882Chapel builtArchitect for the Chapel and The School House was Sir Arthur Blomfield, who also added 'embellishments' to the main school building
1882The School House built 
1882Rigg's Hall builtThe first Housemaster was Revd GT Hall. To avoid calling the House 'Hall's Hall', it was called after a previous Housemaster, Revd J Rigg. Architect for Rigg's, Churchill's and Moser's was William White.
1882Churchill's Hall builtBy Revd CJS Churchill
1882School Shop builtOne of the earliest buildings on Kingsland and was a very necessary aid to the sustenance of life, the amount of food provided by Housemasters being meagre. Funded by OS. It has many times been added to and redesigned. Upstairs has always been the cricket pavilion.
1882Five uncovered Fives courts builtAdded to and roofed in subsequent years 
1883First service took place in the new Chapel 
1884EB Moser built the House which bears his nameE.B. Moser was Housemaster until 1911; then F.T. Prior. Given by Moser to the Governing Body as a gift on his retirement.
188413 Ashton Road established as a boarding house by AF Chance, Housemaster until 1925, when the boys moved to the recently acquired Severn Hill 
1886Chance's opens 
1887Swimming Baths presented to the School by Headmaster MossNow Quod
1889F.E. Bennet adapted 2 existing houses opposite the School Gates to make a boarding house, known as No 6 The Schools. After WW2 it was accommodation for Masters, then the home of music and art. Now houses Classics and called the Kennedy Building.
YearEventFurther Information
1900Ingram's Hall opened. Built by Revd F Sargeant, who was Housemaster for 8 years.He was succeeded by Major FM Ingram, Housemaster for 21 years, by whose name the House has subsequently been known.
1901Shrewsbury School Rifle Company formed 
1903Founding of Shrewsbury House ('The Shewsy')Read more
1904The original Darwin Building (now the Art School) was built for science, opened by Sir Francis Darwin.  
1904Dayboys' Hall opened 
1908Revd C. A. Alington appointed as Headmaster 
1908Rifle Company became the Officers Training Corps 
1909Alington Hall built; opened by HRH the Duke of Teck (later Marquess of Cambridge) on 11th May 1911. Originally called the Speech Hall. The project was entirely Alington's and the hall was later named after him. Money raised largely by persuading OS to take out debentures. An all-purpose building, used as an assembly hall and gymnasium; music practice rooms on either side and large room on north side was for art (hence north roof light).Foundation stone was laid by Enry Lord Barnard, Baron of Barnard Castle and Chairman of the Governing Body. Over the main door is the School coat of arms, beneath it the arms of the Duke of Teck; over the other two doors ar the arms of Lord Barnard and Dr Alington.
1911Oldham's Hall built. JB Oldham financed the entire work, took a major part in the planning and was Housemaster for 21 years.Architect was WA Forsyth (also of Moser Library).
1911The New House built to accommodate the brilliant group of bachelors appointed to the staff by Alington. It became the Sanatorium in 1979.The original Sanatorium (until 1979) was Port Hill and Radbrook. It used to have up to 60 beds.
1912Gallery added to the Chapel to accommodate increased numbers 
1914Shooting range built.Replaced a temporary range next to the Swimming Pool. The clock was given by Revd GE Raven (M 1907-12), who had a grandfather, father, uncles, son and grandsons in the School 1855-1956.
1914The School Will Not Forget' written by C.A. Alington and published in The Times (December)Read more
1914King George V lays the foundation stone of the Moser Building (remotely from the Market Square in Shrewsbury)Read more
1917Canon H.A.P. Sawyer appointed as Headmaster 
1919Shrewsbury won the Elsenham Cup (equivalent to Ladies' Plate) at Henley Peace RegattaRead more
1921Ridgemount converted into a boarding house.Purchased by money contributed to the memorial fund raised after the First World War. Formerly a private house dating from 1798. The detached building next to it was formerly the House changing rooms and toilets; now the Laundry.
1921Pugh Boat House builtPresented to the School by the parents of JE Pugh (OS), who died of his wounds in France 12th Nov 1918.
1923Sidney War Memorial unveiled by Lieut-Gen. Sir Bridgwood Walker (OS) 
1923Moss Gates installed and formally opened by Mrs Moss, widow of the former HeadmasterThe gates are a memorial to Henry Whitehead Moss from Old Salopians. The original school gates were moved to become the Port Hill Gates.
1925Severn Hill purchasedFormerly a private house dating from the 1790s. After AF Chance retred as Housemaster, his boys transferred from 13 Ashton Road to Severn Hill, so for some years it was referred to as 'Chance's.
1930Kingsland House purchased by the Schoool Originally made into a boarding house. But the new Headmaster HH Hardy decided to live in it and it remained the Headmaster's Residence until 1967.
1930Last 2 Fives courts built 
1932H.H. Hardy appointed as Headmaster 
1932Visit of HRH The Prince of Wales to celebrate the Jubilee of the move to KingslandRead more
1932School Wall moved to its current position 
1938New Darwin Building (Biology Building) opened by Sir William Bragg, President of the Royal SocietyCoats of arms are of Edward VI and the Darwin family.
1938Gymnasium builtLater converted into the Ashton Theatre
1939Shrewsbury School hosts Cheltenham College during World War IIRead More
1944J.F. Wolfenden appointed as Headmaster 
1948World War II Memorial unveiled by General Sir Bernard Paget 
1948RAF hut built Originally a Naval Hut during the time when the CCF included a Naval Section (1948-56)


YearEventFurther Information
1950J.M. Peterson appointed as Headmaster 
1952Land on which the tennis courts were built was a gift from Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council to mark the Fourth CentenaryTennis pavilion given by two staff members, Revd CG Furnivall and M Hart.
1952Visit of HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Philip to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the SchoolRead More
1952Queen's Terrace inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth during her visit to the School to mark the Fourth Centenary 
1954Sidney Oak Tree planted by the Lord De Lisle and Dudley VC to commemorate the Fourth Centenary of the birth of Sir Philip Sidney.Grown from a seedling from the Sidney Oak at Penshurst Place.
1957Running track (now no longer there) and adjacent Stott Pavilion presented to the School by AJ Stott (OS).AJ Stott's elder son was the first Captain of Athletics in 1951. Running track disappeared when the all-weather playing area and tennis courts were built in 1998.
1958Kingsland Grove purchased.18th century house which later became part of The Grove
1959Tudor Court was purchased and converted into staff accommodation and the Sixth Form Club.Later formed part of Emma Darwin Hall
1963A.R.D. Wright appointed as Headmaster 
1965The Lyle Building was opened in 1966, containing rooms then used for History and Geography.Erected on the site of the old 'temporary' Armoury of 1909, which was demolished in 1965. Sir Ian Lyle was a Governor and the Lyle family were generous donors to the new building.
1967Moser Precinct landscaped with Oliver's Egg as the central featureCommemorates E. Oliver, caretaker, groundsman and man of all trades, 1882-1932. In this area he had once created an egg-shaped lawn, always known as Oliver's Egg.
1968Pentagon added as an extension to Alington Hall 
1969Kingsland Hall built and opened for central feeding. 
1969First Whole School Sponsored Walk 
1974Science Building (Physics and Chemistry openedOpened by Lord Adrian OM, sometime Chancellor of Cambridge University
1975W.E.K. Anderson appointed as Headmaster 
1978Squash courts builtGenerous contribution made by a parent, Mr T Seaman
1979Day Boys moved ino the Old Sanatorium building on Port Hill RoadRead More
1981Simon J.B. Langdale appointed as Headmaster 
1984Port Hill and Radbrook established as two separate day boy housesRead More
1986Sports Hall built 
1988The Grove opened 
1988F.E. (Ted) Maidment appointed as Headmaster 
1992Foundation createdOne of the oldest school development offices
1994First Shrewsbury School musicalRead More
1996Craig Building openedCommemorates Walter Reid Craig (OS 1859-64), Huntsman, member of 1st VIII, Cricket XI and Football XI, from whom a generous legacy was received.
YearEventFurther Information
2000Darwin Statue unveiled by Sir David AttenboroughRead more
2001Maidment Building opened by the Prince of WalesRead more
2001Jeremy W.R Goulding appointed as Headmaster 
2003Shrewsbury International School Bangkok opens 
2006Cricket Centre opened 
2006New Swimming Pool opened 
2006Old Swimming Pool converted into Sixth Form Common Room  
2008Mary Sidney Hall opened as the first girls' boarding house 
2008Girls join the Sixth Form; co-education beginsRead more
2010Mark Turner appointed as Headmaster 
2011Emma Darwin Hall opened as the second girls' boarding houseIncludes former Tudor Court
2012Yale Boat House opened 
2014The Grove refurbished and reopened as the third girls' boarding house 
2014Shrewsbury School hosts the International Young Physicists' Tournament (the 'Physics World Cup').Read more
2014Girls join the Third Form; full co-education beginsRead more
2015Hodgson Hall officially openedArchitect is  Adrian James (S 1976-80). Generous donation made by the family of Eliza Hodgson (EDH 2011-13)
2016Chatri Centre officially openedDesign & Technology & ICT Centre. Named after the lead benefactor, Chatri Sophonpanich.
2017Moser's Hall refurbished and reopened as the fourth girls' boarding house 
2017Refurbishment of Moser LibraryArchitect is Adrian James (S 1976-80)
2018Leo Winkley appointed as Headmaster 
2018Shrewsbury School International Hong Kong opens, and a second campus opens at Shrewsbury School International Bangkok to cater for primary school-aged children 
2020Theatre refurbished and extended and reopened as the Barnes TheatreNamed after major benefactor Sir David Barnes (R 1949-54)

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