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eNewsletter: Friday 2nd October 2020

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An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

The turn of the month was marked by National Poetry Day in the UK.  One of our great alumni, Sir Philip Sidney, stands immortalised in statue form above the war memorial at the Moss Gates entrance to the School. 

Sidney was enrolled at Shrewsbury School at the age of 9.  In his day, lessons were conducted almost exclusively in Latin; and began at 6am.  He was an exceptionally diligent and gifted scholar.  His untimely and dignified death on the battlefield at Zutphen, at the age of 31, sealed his legend as the epitome of the Elizabethan gentleman-scholar-soldier.

Centuries on, and the School is of course a very different place.  But Sidney’s zeal for learning and his apparently immaculate manners still provide a helpful role model to boys and girls alike.  Sidney’s famous work, The Defence of Poesy, argues for the power of well-crafted verse.  He disdains the reader who has “so earth-creeping a mind that it cannot lift itself up to look to the sky of poetry”.  That’s us told!

On National Poetry Day, and indeed throughout the year, I take solace and inspiration from poetry.  In fast-moving and challenging times, a moment spent in the reflective mind of another can do us the power of good.  Or as Sidney put it: “Poetry, a speaking picture to teach and delight”.

Talking of which, do read the excellent blog from Mr Maurice Walters, our Deputy Head Academic, on teaching and delight at Shrewsbury.  I hope you enjoy this edition of the weekly newsletter.

Leo Winkley

Floreat - 2 October 2020

Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of this week's Floreat

Michaelmas Term Academic Update - September 2020

It is the habit of my grandmother at present, whenever there is a lull in conversation, to remind us all how good bananas taste. This is not because she has lost possession of her faculties – indeed with little else to occupy her at present, she practices her acerbic wit relentlessly at the expense of all – nor because she has developed some extraordinary addiction. Rather, it is because she recalls a time, during the war, when bananas were not freely available and also recalls, with greater synesthetic energy, the feeling of tasting that fruit once more having not done so for a good many years. On Monday 6th September at precisely 10:03 am, I experienced a similar sensation when a class of pupils laughed at one of my jokes.

Following months sat in front of a screen keeping pupils engaged in and inspired by their learning in quite extraordinary circumstances, that quiet murmur of amusement from a Third Form Greek set at the outset of the term was a powerful reminder of how much of a privilege this job can be and how good it is to have pupils back on site once more.

Please follow this link to read the full update from Maurice Walters

Foundation Fortnight 2020

The Foundation Fortnight programme for our new Third Form provides an immersive and wide-ranging induction experience with an introduction to all aspects of Salopian life. 

Alongside settling in to new lessons and the academic exploration that comes with it, our pupils likewise gain the opportunity to try a vast range of activities - some familiar, some new - doing so alongside their house mates as bonds and friendships begin to grow.  Drama, dance, music and sport are all a part of the programme designed by Head of Third Form Jeremy Lucas, and it's been a first fortnight that the pupils have clearly relished and enjoyed, even if they are exhausted at the end of it!

We hope you enjoy watching our highlight film of Foundation Fortnight 2020

Notices to Parents

School Coach Bookings Reminder

School Coach bookings for Exeat (half-term) for all routes remain open.  

  • London routes – please book online by midnight on Sunday 4th October.
  • All other routes – please book online by midnight on Sunday 11th October.

Parents or guardians are invited to book via the Parent Portal.

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