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eNewsletter: Friday 16th October 2020

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Sir Ian McKellen Supports Shrewsbury Drama Scholars

This week, two of our sixth form Drama Scholars have had the opportunity to work virtually one-on-one with Sir Ian McKellen, one of the finest living Shakespearean actors.


Phoebe S-M (EDH U6) and Orlando W (Rt U6) are both applying for drama school this year and were able to work on their monologues with Sir Ian, whose recent performance as Lear was touted as the finest in a generation.

Sir Ian gave them advice on character development and verse speaking, as well as insights into his own working process.

Phoebe said, ‘This was an absolutely incredible opportunity – I can’t quite believe it happened! Sir Ian was really kind, and it was amazing to get feedback and advice from somebody who has had such a successful career across film, theatre and television’.

Michaelmas Term RSSH Hash Run 

A real highlight of the term for the RSSH is our Hash run, a long-standing tradition at the club in which a ‘scent’ is laid in flour and the ‘hounds’ follow it through some of Shropshire’s prettiest countryside. What made this term’s Hash run particularly special was that we were hosted by the family of our current Senior Whip, Will Owen (Ch, U), who live near Pulverbatch on the north-western edge of the Long Mynd. As ever, the trail was ably laid by Colonel David, supported this time by two of the club’s senior officers: our Junior Whip, Arthur Bramwell (R, U) and our Huntswoman Chessy Harris (EDH, U). After a generous head-start of about 15 minutes or so, about 25 hounds set off on the scent, accompanied by several members of staff including the Headmaster, who seemed as pleased as everyone else to have escaped the School campus for an afternoon!

The trail took us through woods, across fields, over stiles and, at one point, over a very precarious-looking plank which served as a bridge. The terrain was challenging and very muddy, but the group coped very well and we took it at a pace which everyone could manage, with regular opportunities to ‘all-up’ in order to catch our breath, check everyone was with us, and admire some stunning views across the county. Having been promised a route of about 10 or 11km, there were a few anxious glances at Garmins (other GPS watches are available) by the time the two-hour mark ticked over – Colonel David’s infamously casual relationship with the concept of distance once again giving us cause for concern. Nevertheless, only a few minutes later the Owens’ beautiful farmhouse came into view, and alongside it a wonderful spread of tea, cakes and bacon butties kindly put together by the KH catering team.

With our bellies full, it only remained for the new hounds to be ‘blooded’ – a tradition which sees the senior Hunt members dish out a bit of the remaining flour into the rueful faces of the rookies of the group, which in this case of course included our own Headmaster. Will and Chessy seemed to particularly relish this moment, emptying what was left of the bag of the flour (quite a bit, as it transpired) directly over his head.

The restrictions of this term due to Covid-19 meant that this opportunity to get off-site was particularly special for everyone involved. We are so grateful to the Owen family for hosting us in such a beautiful setting and providing such terrific hospitality.

On on!!

IPH, Master in Charge of The Hunt

A Brief History of Cross-Country (RSSH) at Shrewsbury School

The RSSH (Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt) has the distinction of being the oldest cross-country club in the world.  Written records date from 1831, but the origins of organised cross-country running at the School can be traced back to 1819.

The Club was established after Headmaster Dr Butler rejected a request from boys to form a mounted fox-hunting club. An alternative club was formed, with boys running across the Shropshire countryside instead of horses and hounds, but still based on the sport of hunting and using much of its terminology. Many of the old traditions remain today: the Captain of cross-country known as the Huntsman, his two deputies being the Senior and Junior Whips, and the younger runners being known as the Hounds.

“All hounds who wish to run, run hard, run well, and may the devil take the hindmost”.

Please follow this link for further information on RSSH

Please follow this link to read about RSSH at the World Cross-Country Championships in 2019


Shrewsbury Music Lunchtime Concert - 9 October 2020

Highlights of First Team Football vs Millfield

The 1st XI currently sit joint top of the Hudl League after a comprehensive 2-0 win v Millfield on Saturday, the first time we have beaten Millfield at 1st team level since 2014.

After a terrific start, Harry Cooke gave us a 1-0 lead after a terrific through ball from Henry Lees, Harry cutting back onto his right foot before coolly passing past the keeper into the right corner. It was soon 2-0 with an excellent glancing header from Fadi Masri Kayali flying past the Millfield keeper from a corner.

Despite Millfield having more of the ball in the second half they never created a clear-cut chance. If anything, it was us who carried the greater threat with the Millfield keeper being called upon to make an excellent save from another Harry Cooke strike.

A great all-round team performance and a thoroughly deserved 3 points. 

Please note there is no sound on the highlights.

Salopians Supporting Local Food Bank


As part of the school’s work with Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus, two Radbrook Lower Sixth Formers, Theo P and Henry L, have created a drop-off service for pupils, parents and staff to donate any non-perishable, which they will then take down to the Foodbank.  As their shortages in products vary week to week, we will flag them in the E-Newsletter each week.  

The Foodbank are currently looking for the following products in particular:

  • Gravy Granules
  • Tinned Main meals
  • Tinned Meatballs
  • Tinned Carrots
  • Biscuits
  • Handwash
  • Shave Gel

There will be boxes in the day houses and in Quod for pupils and staff to drop any supplies off.  We are currently in the process of working out a way to enable the boarding community to help – watch this space for more news.  If you have any questions, please email

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