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eNewsletter: Friday 12th February 2021

Welcome to the latest eNewsletter

An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

It has been a week of ‘red letter days’ for Shrewsbury School.  On Wednesday 10th February it was our 469th birthday.  Founded by Royal Charter of King Edward VI in 1552, the School was originally situated in town opposite the castle, moving to the expansive Kingsland site in 1882.  The first Headmaster was Thomas Ashton – as in Ashton Road, which is the road on which the Moss Gates stand as the main entrance to the School.  Shrewsbury was described by the antiquarian William Camden, in his book Britannia [1586], as "the best filled in all England, being indebted for [its] flourishing state to the provision made by the excellent and worthy Thomas Ashton.”  Indeed, Ashton was a highly influential public figure, a theatre man and powerful preacher with a strong humanistic vision.  He clearly did a remarkable job in setting the tone and direction of the School. 

The second red letter day for us this week was the birthday (12th February) of Charles Darwin, our most globally recognised Old Salopian.  This week we have been contributing to the DarwIN Festival as the town of Shrewsbury celebrates the life and legacy of its most famous son.  Visitors to the School will almost certainly spot the statue of Darwin which stands in front of the Main School Building.  We don’t need an anniversary to remind us of the status Darwin holds as an icon of intellectual curiosity.  Each day, his furrowed bronze brow looks out across Central, as if searching out some new truth.

More pragmatically, we have a further red letter day marked in the diary, as we await announcements that are expected from 22nd February on the re-opening of schools in England and the systems by which qualifications will be awarded for those pupils in Fifth Form and Upper Sixth.  We continue to plan carefully in anticipation.  Meanwhile, this first half of term has coruscated with a degree of Salopian endeavour and invention that would boggle the mind of Thomas Ashton.  I am deeply proud of what our pupils and staff have achieved together in the past five weeks in remote mode.  They have been outstanding, as have our parents and the wider Salopian community.  This latest edition of the newsletter provides plenty of uplifting evidence of what has been going on. 

The second half of this term will begin with two further weeks in remote and then, we fervently hope, we will get the children learning and living together on site again.  That will be another red letter day…

Floreat Salopia!

Leo Winkley


Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of this week's Floreat. Below is an image from this week's Floreat.

Salop’s Got Musical Talent 3

SGMT3 is here for your enjoyment featuring a wide variety of musical styles and an inspiring level of talent. Sit back and enjoy performances from pianist Oliver T, Lucy M and Oliver C - singers, Chester Y – flute, Arthur HB – piano and Jonty G – Saxophone.

Music has a unique capability to bring people together. During these unusual times we would like to offer you the opportunity to connect with, and support, your fellow Salopians in their musical endeavours. In my conversations with pupils it is clear that many have been turning to their music-making as a source of support, joy and recreation. On Wednesday evenings we will be showcasing performances from across the whole community; pupils, staff, support staff, former pupils and parents. Please tune in at 7.30pm for this short selection of musical jewels.

If you have an inkling that you would like to take part, the act of sharing your endeavours may inspire others to feel better and to have a go themselves. Perhaps you are the family Von Non-Trapp, a lapsed trombonist, a budding songwriter or a rusty flautist; if so, do get in touch with Stephen Williams at

Tune in and sit back!

Stephen Williams, Director of Music

80in40: One Week to Go!

Having smashed through the 40,000km barrier the Shrewsbury School community is closing in on our revised target of getting Around the World in 40 Days... twice.  On Monday this week we soared past the 50,000km mark and with over a week still to go until the final day of the challenge (Sunday 21st February) we are ready for the big push over half-term Exeat to get us back home again and complete 80,000km!  

The pupils have been amazing and look set to achieve 40,000km in 40 days on their own- a phenomenal achievement.  Their fundraising has likewise been a superb collective effort where, at the time of writing, they had raised over £13,000.  With just over a week to go, we can hopefully push over £20,000.  

If you haven't yet joined the Strava group but feel able to join the campaign and help us reach our distance target, then please search for 'Shrewsbury School Community' in the club search on Strava. Details for how to sign up to Strava can be found here.

Stay safe, stay connected, stay active!

Peter Middleton, Deputy Head Co-Curricular

Notices to Parents

Forthcoming online talk- “Let’s Talk About Conversation” with Professor David Crystal, Tuesday 23rd February 2021 at 7pm:

We are very pleased to invite Sixth Form English Literature students, interested Fifth Form students, staff, parents and friends, to ‘Let’s Talk About Conversation’, a lecture by Professor David Crystal.

Professor Crystal is widely recognised by students and scholars at all levels, has authored over 120 books on language. The lecture will explore some of the findings of Professor Crystal’s 2020 book, Let’s Talk: How English Conversation Works, from the first recorded instances a thousand years ago to the latest trends taking place online.

Please follow this link to join the talk on Zoom or use these details- Meeting ID:850 4140 2166 - Passcode:P6pn91

For those parents who were unable to attend some of the recent lectures, a selection of the talks is available. Please follow this link to access the lectures.

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