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eNewsletter: Friday 14th May 2021

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An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

On Monday of this week, I made a rare journey off-site and headed up to Liverpool to visit The Shewsy (Shrewsbury House Youth and Community Centre).  After months of lockdown, the youth club activities are fully up and running again.  There were almost 60 youngsters attending the Junior Club after school that day.  The staff and volunteers had used the fallow months creatively to redecorate the sports hall, music room and studio, pulling on local goodwill and assistance.  As we crossed the threshold, my colleagues and I were met with a warm welcome, a cup of tea and a wave of positivity. 


The link between The Shewsy and Shrewsbury School goes back 118 years.  The Youth and Community Club was founded by Shrewsbury School staff.  Please follow this link to The Shewsy website.  Our meeting on Monday was to formalise even closer ties, developing the shared activities of the School and The Shewsy.  As well as supporting the phenomenal work that is done year-round for the children and local community in West Everton, our pupils derive huge benefit from the experience of visiting, volunteering and fundraising.  All can draw inspiration from The Shewsy’s motto, which is written on the walls around the place: “Where people matter more than things.” 


Driving up to Liverpool, I was listening the Prime Minister’s announcement of the further relaxation of lockdown to start from Monday 17 May.  Heartened by the message that we are moving towards living responsibly with COVID, it was welcome news that face coverings will no longer be recommended for pupils and staff in classrooms and communal areas.  There are some further alterations we will be making to the control measures in place from next week.  However, we remain acutely conscious of the need to act responsibly, to play our part in the pandemic response, and to keep everyone safe.   Our systems will continue to include the provision of twice weekly LFD testing for pupils and staff; social distancing; hand and face hygiene and a range of other mitigations.  That said, it does feel good to be getting to Stage 3 of the Road Map.

Another week clicks by.  We are well into our planning for the end of this term which should allow us to complete this extraordinary year in great spirit.  Meanwhile, our Fifth Form and Upper Sixth have entered the final assessment window and the remaining three year groups are working towards internal summer exams.  We’ve seen competitive fixtures in cricket, rowing, tennis, athletics and football; assessed drama pieces in the Barnes Theatre; and the senior house debating final in Hodgson Hall, to name but a handful of things.  For all pupils, the co-curriculum is humming with options and house life remains full of bounce.  Long may this high-energy stuff continue.

As ever, I send my enthusiastic greetings to Salopian households near and far.

Leo Winkley


Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of this week's Floreat. Below is an image from this week's Floreat.

Chapel Podcast- Sunday 16th May 2021

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Notices to Parents

Information on Spectator Protocols

From the 17th of May onwards Shrewsbury School will be permitting 1 parent/caregiver per pupil on-site for sports fixtures that fall on Saturdays and Sundays.  The school will remain a closed site on weekdays to the public/parents/caregivers.

Parents/caregivers will be required upon arriving at School to go to the main school reception in order to fill out a short pre-screening questionnaire and receive a map highlighting pitch location and designated public toilets.  Parents/caregivers will also be given a sticker to wear which will designate that they are permitted on campus on that given day.  Signs around the pitches will have the QR codes for parents/caregivers to scan with their phone as part of the NHS track and trace programme which is a legal requirement.

Parents/caregivers are also reminded to park off-site, or in the designated carparks as highlighted on the map.  Please follow this link to view the map.

Shrewsbury School Coaches

School Coaches for the half-term Exeat may now be booked via the Parent Portal here:

Shrewsbury School Coach Bookings

Services are available outbound (29th May) and inbound (6th June). 

Chaperoned routes running to and from London will drop off and pick up at London Heathrow Terminal 2 with all stops as usual en route.

No school transport is planned for June 13th however parents and guardians may wish to use the taxi services provided by the school’s partners, GT Matrix:

GT Matrix provision including taxi and minibus solutions

Online bookings for all Exeat services close at midnight on Sunday 23rd May.

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