Shrewsbury School

Academic Lectures & Events

Throughout the Michaelmas and Lent terms the School organises a range of lectures on a diverse range of subjects. Members of the public are welcome to attend and there is no charge for admission.

These lectures are listed below, together with other academic events on our Calendar.

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Modern Foreign Languages: Trip to RAF Cosford

Thursday 27 June 2019

Physics: Fourth and Fifth Form Trip "Women in Engineering" to Jaguar Land Rover, Wolverhampton (depart Alington Hall 8.30am, return 3.30pm)

Sunday 30 June 2019

MUN: Withington, Manchester (depart 6.30am, return 7pm)

Saturday 6 July 2019

Biology: Conservation Expedition to Guyana (returns Thursday 25th July)
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